How Twitter’s Reacting to the US Election


As the US election continues to sweat palms all over the world, the outcome of who will be the next President of the United States is cause for contention.

And while there is absolutely nothing funny about who will ultimately win the race between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Twitter is providing some much-need comic relief.

According to clinical psychotherapist, Natasja Wagner,  research indicates that humour is “a positive character strength that may also be a predictor of better recovery when it comes to treating trauma, depression or negative attitudes.”

And in times like these, when the fate of one of the world’s leading powerhouse is in the hands of one election, there is a certain level of anxiety that comes with it.

Social media users are more likely to use “affiliation humour” at this time, which enhances our social connections and reduces conflict.

“This is the humour we engage in that is warm, witty, focuses on non-hostile jokes and seeks to amuse or entertain others in a respectful and non-hostile way,” she told The Latch.

So, how are people coping? Here are some of the best Twitter responses to the 2020 US election.

Because, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

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