Ways to Upskill and Learn Cool Things From the Comfort of Your Own Home

While going through a period of self-isolation is new territory for many of us, it’s also offering us all a chance to invest more time into ourselves.

Taking time out of your day to complete an online course is pretty rare (especially when it’s not work-related) but as we discovered, there is literally so much good stuff to learn. And, it’s all just living on the internet, waiting for you.

So, while we’re all living through this unprecedented time, there is no better way to prioritise a little self-care.

Coffee class

From Plant to Cup: Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee is a program that is honestly too good to be true. Available on Skillshare, this coffee class is run by Michael Phillips, the director of training at Blue Bottle Coffee, a popular coffee company out of California.

This class covers everything you want or need to know about coffee and how to make it. The course is a “one-hour class on sourcing, brewing, and tasting everyone’s favourite bean. From the plant to your cup, Michael Phillips brings every lesson to life while also offering options — giving you a process for making a simple cup or going the distance with pro equipment.”

Language lessons

Learning a new language can be daunting but with time to spare and a helpful video course, why not give it a try? Skillshare offers Spanish For Beginners, an introduction to the language that will teach you practical phrases, grammar and vocabulary, so you can confidently take that trip to Spain when this all blows over.

Visual journaling

Keeping a journal isn’t for everyone, but if you love jotting your feelings down this class will take that one step further. Taught by artist and illustrator Jordan Sondler, this Skillshare class Visual Journaling: Drawing Your Feelings will take you through the guidelines of visual journaling and how you can express yourself through drawing and art.

Mixology lessons

While heading out to your local bar isn’t really viable right now, you can still enjoy your fave tipple at home. If you’re not sure how to correctly make an Old Fashioned (or whatever your fave cocktail is), Mixology with Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana will teach you.

In this Masterclass, award-winning bartenders Marrero and Chetiyawardana share their insights into the “liquid arts” and show you how to make a variety of drinks. And you don’t need any fancy equipment to do so either.

Workout program

Keeping your mind occupied is important, but moving your body is also necessary. While there are tonnes of exercise videos on YouTube, it can be nice to work within an exercise program so you feel like you’re apart of a wider community.

So, you just have to decide what style of exercise you’re after. Peaches Pilates offers an online program that targets full-body toning, while Rachael Finch’s program Body By Finch offers daily workouts across HIIT circuits, yoga and Pilates-inspired session as well as a meal plan and an in-built community.

Cooking classes

You can also learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay in your own kitchen. We’re not kidding. The Masterclass course, Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking I, gives you all the basic skills needed to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Ramsay teaches you everything from knife skills to creating pantry staples like pasta from scratch. There is an emphasis on the cookery basics, so you’ll also learn how to break down a whole chicken, how to master scrambled eggs and how best to use herbs in cooking.


Meditation exercises

Starting a daily meditation practice is an easy way to quiet your mind, which is most needed right now. Trying a guided program is the easiest way to get into the habit of meditation and Headspace’s free trial is a great place to start.

Headspace offers a 10-day Basics meditation package that gives you a new meditation exercise every day, as well as access to sleep sounds and exercises to do before bed. The meditation is guided by a former monk, Andy Puddicombe, and he breaks everything down into understandable and easy-to-do exercises.

Space exploration

There really is something for everyone when it comes to online courses. Case in point: a Masterclass with retired astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield.

In his Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration class, Hadfield explains how a rocket works, what it feels like to be launched into space and his experience as commander. In short, it’s a fascinating 10 lessons about everything to do with space.

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