UNIQLO Drops Blankets With Heattech Technology, Just in Time For the Cold Snap


We hate to say it, but winter is coming. In many states, the cold snap has well and truly arrived, bringing with it all our least favourite things about the chillier months: icy toes, dry skin, and a struggle against the morning alarm.

But at least one of these things can be remedied with the news Uniqlo is dropping a Heattech blanket. Bye-bye, frozen toes; hello never leaving the couch again.

Heated blankets are a thing that we love, however require some kind of power source and thus are not always entirely safe. But an analog blanket designed to generate and retain heat? Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Taking its signature and infamous Heattech technology, which uses bio-warming fabric that generates warmth with exclusive capabilities that converts body moisture into heat, Uniqlo has applied this to a cosy blanket perfect for lazing about or throwing over the doona while you sleep.

uniqlo heattech blanket

The blanket itself is made from soft and smooth fabric that has moisture-absorbing, bio-warming, and insulating features. With a super-micro acrylic fabric, a high level of heat retention is able to be achieved, essentially bringing instant warmth to the wearer, that only continues to become more snug the longer you cuddle up.

Even better, the rayon blend textile has bacteria-fighting properties, repels static, and helps to absorb moisture, converting this into heat. It’s easily machine-washable at home too.

The new Uniqlo Heattech Blanket comes in three colourways — grey, beige and chocolate — and two sizes, single ($79.90) and double ($99.90). You can get yours online and in-store now.

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