UNIQLO Is Giving Away 10,000 Heattech Thermals — Here’s How to Get Your Hands On One


Somewhere in the flurry of COVID-19 turbulence and the impossibly fast feeling of the days passing by in isolation, we seemingly breezed right over spring and straight into the dead of winter.

It’s like we woke up one morning to find the warm summer days had suddenly become about 50% shorter and 90% chillier, and we found ourselves ill-prepared to brave the elements having missed the chance to gradually shop for thermals and warmer clothes.

Lucky for us, UNIQLO is giving away 10,000 of their game-changing Heattech tops, leggings and turtlenecks to help you keep warm in the colder months. And getting your hands on one is as simple as it is fun.

The cult Japanese apparel retailer has created an online game called ‘Hot or Cold’, that from Wednesday, July 15 to Sunday, July 19, will present that chance to win 2,000 Heattech garments per day.

It works like so. You move your cursor around the screen to seek out the invisible tops while your cursor gradually changes colour to indicate how close or far away you are to the winning spot.

Players will make their way through three levels of gameplay from warm, extra warm and then ultra-warm to secure their winnings. If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll be awarded a special code to redeem your free Heattech top online, that normally retails for $19.90 in stores.

Heattech thermals are one of UNIQLO’s most regarded items. The bio-warming fabric is said to generate heat with its exclusive technology that converts body moisture into heat, all within a lightweight garment that layers perfectly under clothing.

Play the game to win a UNIQLO Heattech here.

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