Where Millennials Are Travelling in 2023 (That You Should Definitely Visit, Too)

top travel destinations millennials

In 2022, the world reopened, and the cities we love and dreamed about welcomed us with open arms, as did family and friends. This year though is predicted to be the year travel bounces back. We’re not calling it revenge travel, or any other term coined by social media. Instead, we’re simply relishing the fact we’re once again able to move about freely, discovering places we’ve never been, and revisiting old favourites. The only question that remains is—where should we travel in 2023? 

It’s a question we’ve typed into Google, TikTok, and even Instagram, in hope of some guidance. Although it’s also a question we’re (personally) not taking lightly, so we’ve enlisted the experts to tell us where we should be travelling this year. Enter Contiki. The travel company has carved out the best destination for Millennials and Gen Z to travel this year, based on extensive research. 

top travel destinations millennials

Unsurprisingly, Italy is on everyone’s radar, as well as Greece and Japan, but one country might have us surprised. It shouldn’t, considering its proximity to Australia, but it looks like our Kiwi neighbours across the ditch are at the forefront of our travel plans. 

Let’s dive into the details.

For Gen Z, which encompasses 18-24-year-olds, Greece is top of the mind, with 59% of surveyed preferring the islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Coming in second is Italy, unsurprisingly. Italy is a top choice for first-time travellers and young vagabonds, thanks to its casual lifestyle, idyllic countryside, and let’s not forget the food. 

top travel destinations millennials

After Greece and Italy, 41% said they are planning a trip to Japan this year. The culture, the food, the people—it’s all a highlight. France is fourth on the list, and New Zealand is fifth, with young travellers seeking a little adventure in New Zealand. I think we can meander a guess as to why France is on the list. Did someone say Emily in Paris?

top travel destinations millennials

For Millennials in the 25-34 range, the country hit list is extremely similar, just in a different order. Italy is the number one country of choice and Japan is second. With a little more disposable income, travellers will find the two aforementioned countries allow them to flex their travel muscle a little more. Third is Greece, then New Zealand, and in fifth place is the United Kingdom. Millennials seem to seek deep, rich travel experiences, that connect them to places and people, while also being afforded some luxuries. Staying longer is also a new trend emerging with the flexibility of remote working. 

Are any of the above on your 2023 travel hit list?

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