Take a Look Inside Sydney’s Newest Co-Working Space-Slash-Cocktail Bar

tokyo house sydney

Much like the coveted Soho House, TOKYO House is a place for like-minded creatives to meet, relax, create, and have fun—sans the impossible membership criteria and sky-high prices. Instead, TOKYO House is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of charging stations, a cocktail bar, and sample a new iced mocha. The catch: It’s a pop-up, and won’t be around for long.

TOKYO House, by Suntory BOSS Coffee, is wedged in the centre of Surry Hills and will be open night and day. Guests can expect to be immersed in Japanese culture, through exclusive cocktails, curated food pairings, and top Japanese talent in mixology, fashion, music, art, and design. 

Every day will offer something different. During the day, book a co-working space in the minimalist Tokyo coffee house-inspired location, complete with workspaces, charging stations, and super-fast WIFI. Pick up a Suntory BOSS Coffee to help you kick start the day.

tokyo house sydney

At night, log off, shut your laptop, and experience a glimpse of Tokyo, with curated cocktails, matching snacks, artistic performances, and bookable experiences that range from live music to manga-style demonstrations and fashion showcases to multidisciplinary art installations. 

Evening events will include a showcase by Tokyo-born cocktail creator Taka Shino, performances by singer Maya Hirasedo, Jade Kenji, and Sydney’s top DJs including DJ Moto, DJ 14strk, DJ Kase Avila, DJ Haru, and DJ Naiki. The pop-up also features COMICS+COFFEE sessions with manga artist Queenie Chan, artworks by Midori Furze, and a fashion showcase by Maillot and Akira Isogawa. 

TOKYO House will be open from February 17 to March 4.

You can book a workspace and find the events schedule here. 

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