Step Inside This Minimalist, Treehouse-Style Cabin


If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll now be able to do so — or at least, you’ll now be able to stay in a version of their tree home that’ll still give you that same back-to-nature, minimalistic living feeling you’d imagine the Swiss family was getting.

So, where can you experience this magical-sounding stay, you ask? Well, it’s at the Wauhaus, the newest cabin by Budapest-based design and build studio Hello Wood. And while the first one of its kind is currently in Hungary, built into an idyllic setting on top of the Zala County hills, fingers crossed the Wauhaus will be snapped up by entrepreneurs keen on building a few models of it elsewhere (Australia, perhaps?).

Wauhaus treehouse

While tiny houses are taking the world by storm, the 20 m2 , 3.5m-wide Wauhaus stands out for its treehouse-style design — set on ‘legs’ of different lengths and covered with graphite grey larch planking. A narrow bridge, complete with a hardwood handrail and built-in lighting, on the side of the house leads to a terrace and the home’s entrance.

Upon entering, the view of a huge window draws your attention, with the landscape beyond essentially making up the fourth wall. As for the other windows in the cabin, those in the lounge room and bathroom — to add to the treehouse effect, they’re round.

Wauhaus treehouse

The windows of the home are all set into natural birch plywood, which was also used to create the kitchen furniture and the sliding doors that hide the bathroom and cabinet.

And while the Wauhaus encourages living simply and without producing much waste, it was also constructed and set up in a sustainable way. Its building materials are as eco-friendly as they come, and, thanks to the durable construction, the cabin is set to stand for decades to come, habitable in any season.

Wauhaus treehouse

It really is the ideal setup for slipping away from the daily grind to focus on whatever it is you want – whether that be work or a project, or simply a novel you’ve been wanting to get through.

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