The Hype Around TikTok’s Latest Food Trend, “Nature’s Cereal”, Is Baffling

nature's cereal tiktok

TikTok is pretty on it when it comes to food trends — really, sometimes it sets them. They’ve brought seitan to westernised folk, they’ve got our veggies lasting longer, and they have people baking feta (to mixed results). Remember Gigi Hadid‘s vodka pasta (without the vodka)? Outside of food, the platform has given us better sleep tips and manifestation hacks.

But now, TikTok has crossed the line. One TikTok user, who goes by the name @natures_food has claimed to invent “nature’s cereal”. The video now has over five million views, one million likes and thousands upon thousands of comments — even our girl Lizzo claims to be a convert.

The user @natures_food claims that “nature’s cereal” helps provide them with a boost of energy while also avoiding constipation. Lizzo substitutes blackberries with strawberries in her video and also adds ice cubes.

The thing is, as delicious as the bowl looks…it’s just pomegranate, berries and coconut water. Literally, that’s all it is. Not even honey (which is from nature). Or yoghurt (a good source of protein). Yes, maybe we’re now just listing smoothie ingredients — but that’s what it is. An unblended smoothie.

Fun fact, putting something in a bowl and pouring liquid on top of it does not a cereal make. Calling it cereal also does not make it cereal. Cereal is defined by the fact “it is a member of the grass family cultivated for its grain.” People, I urge you to remember that grass is, indeed, natural.

Obviously, some cereals aren’t exactly the picture of health, or “natural”. But if you look for wholegrain cereals — which the Department of Health suggests — you’re giving yourself fibre, carbs, protein, minerals, folate, and lots of other goodies your body downright loves. Wholegrains have also been linked to a reduced risk of colon cancer, as well as lower cholesterol levels and a reduction in inflammation, according to Harvard Health.

Nutritionist Kathleen Alleume, whom The Latch spoke to about the importance of breakfast, suggests wholegrain cereal topped with yoghurt and fruit or wholegrain toast with boiled eggs and yoghurt on the side to start your day off right.

We’re sure “nature’s cereal” is delicious and refreshing, but a whole breakfast it is not — and please change the name before someone comes after you (me).

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