Unboxing TikTok Shop in Australia: What the E-Commerce Features Will Mean For You

TikTok Shop Australia

After months of testing, in September this year, TikTok launched its e-commerce business, TikTok Shop, in the US — and, according to a TikTok shared late November, the venture could be coming to Australia soon.

“I’ve just been given some inside scoop about TikTok Shop in Australia and you need to know this,” says Australian creator Anaita in the clip. “One of our clients has just been given access to tagging products in their videos, and that is one of the biggest indicators that TikTok Shop is about to launch here. It has recently launched in the USA and it is going absolutely bonkers.”

@sellanythingonline Tiktok Shop is about to come to Australia and it is going to change the game for businesses- Im so excited! I will give you the up to date tips as it launches #tiktokshop #tiktokshopaustralia #tiktokstrategy ♬ original sound – Anaita – Sell Anything Online

The new shopping integration allows content creators, brands and merchants to create videos and live streams featuring products, with links for users to shop them directly through TikTok. This means all shopping logistics and payment solutions are powered by the Chinese company ByteDance-owned platform. It enables product discovery, product details, checkout and post-payment activities, all within the TikTok app.

TikTok Shop will store sellers’ products, pack them up when the item is bought and then ship them to the customer. “The social media firm said it also integrated its shopping service with various third-party platforms like Shopify, Salesforce and Zendesk, among others,” reported Inside Retail at the time of the TikTok Shop’s launch in the US.

On the official TikTok Shop page, it says the shopping service’s aim is to pave a new way for brands to authentically connect with creators and communities. Through that, brands can grow their business and drive meaningful shopping moments.

TikTok Shop
Image: TikTok

TikTok Shop offers several ways to shop. You can shop tagged products directly from videos and live streams in the For You feed. You can browse product tiles, read reviews and buy directly from a favourite brand’s profile. And you can also buy from a shop tab, which leads to a new product marketplace. TikTok Shop also uses an affiliate program so creators can connect with sellers through new commission-based product marketing opportunities.

TikTok Shop is currently available in Malaysia, the Phillippines, Singapore, Thailand, the UK, the US and Vietnam. And soon, possibly, Australia.

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