The Argument for Seasonal Menus According to One Brisbane Restaurant

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Three Blue Ducks’ hearty, wholesome cooking shot to success, almost overnight. The reason? Ethical and authentic food. Founded by three mates and born in the surf, Three Blue Ducks is the epitome of eating and living more sustainably. There are five‚—soon to be six—restaurants spread across regional, coastal and city settings, bringing paddock-to-plate philosophy to diners. In Brisbane, despite being housed in a lush W Hotel, the Three Blue Ducks restaurant is as wholesome, with a laid-back setting and river views. The menu, is seasonal, of course.  

At Three Blue Ducks, we love using fresh products that are currently in the season and are sourced locally,” said Pawel Klodowski, Chef de Cuisine at Three Blue Ducks Brisbane.  

When it comes to the benefits of a seasonal menu, Pawel said they’re endless. “First of all, a seasonal menu allows us to take advantage of produce in peak season, which means that we can create delicious dishes that are nutritious and packed full of flavours. It is also good for the environment.” 

“Seasonal produce can be locally sourced, which means it doesn’t need to travel far to get to our kitchen. This can help to save long transportation and reduce carbon emissions. It also demonstrates diversity. A seasonal menu is exciting for our guests and allows us to be more inventive in the kitchen. Refreshing our offerings each season demonstrates that we are creative and versatile. More importantly, seasonal produce has much more nutritional value than out-of-season ingredients. They also taste better.”  

Pawel considers the produce available in the local region, and then crafts fresh, simple dishes. “ We strive to implement ethical and sustainable business practices on all levels. We work with honest suppliers who have the best quality produce.” 

The menu rotates every three months according to the four seasons of the year. Pawel also mentioned diners will find special menus throughout the year for Valentine’s Day, River Fire, Easter Lunch, and other festive seasons.  

Although, as we know, the climate isn’t always predictable, so when an ingredient is no longer able to be sourced ethically, the Three Blue Ducks team works with producers to find alternative solutions. “In Queensland, we are lucky to have a variety of seasonal produce that we can use,” commented Pawel.  

Despite some challenges, seasonal menus will always be the better choice. According to Pawel, seasonal local produce has a shorter time between harvest and your table, so the nutrient value is greater, and more importantly, it simply tastes better.  

“We take care of our guests. Their health and balanced nutrition are our priority, as well as the environment. As a chef, I’ve always enjoyed creating a seasonal restaurant menu highlighting the best produce and giving guests an ability to explore a diverse range of flavours.” 

“I truly believe seasonal menus bring diners closer to a healthy and sustainable farm-to-table concept. The ingredients in use are the freshest and give dishes fuller, more distinct taste, perfect texture and amazing flavours. By using local seasonal produce restaurants support local farmers and grocers, contributing to local communities,” stated Pawel. 

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