These Are the Foods People Aren’t Panic Buying


Coronavirus-related panic has led shoppers around the globe to ransack supermarkets, with things like toilet paper, pasta and canned goods being of particularly high value.

As time goes on, more food items are slowly being scooped up and a trip to the local supermarket shows a dystopian landscape.

In the midst of panic buying, Twitter users have started to document what food is being left in the shops. And to be honest, we’re surprised at some of the ones left behind.

Gluten-free bread

While it goes without saying that those with wheat and gluten sensitivities or coeliac disease should be eating gluten-free, it’s surprising that in the pandemonium, GF bread seemed to be spared.

Plant-based meat

Sorry to those of you who rate plant-based meat, because it seems 99% of society doesn’t. But, good news for vegans and vegatarians!

Shrimp flavoured ramen

The people have spoken and shrimp ramen is the lesser ramen by a longshot.

Corona beer

Mexican beer company, Corona, has faced unwarranted stigma during the current coronavirus pandemic. According to news.com.au, a recent survey of 737 beer drinkers in the United States “38% wouldn’t buy a Corona ‘under any circumstances’ because of the outbreak. Another 14% said they wouldn’t be seen ordering a beer from the brand in public.”

And, this is being seen even here in Australia.

Hawaiian pizza

Pineapple has always been a controversial pizza topping (but one of my favourites, to be honest), so while it’s not surprising to see Hawaiian pizza left behind, I’m shocked at everyone’s inferior tastebuds.

Nut milk

There has been a massive run on milk during the current pandemic, but not so much for nut milk, or “nut juice” as this Twitter user has called it. In saying that, almond milk seems to be scarce in this video below, so that seems to be the favourite non-dairy milk choice.

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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