The Royals’ Approach to Social Media Is What Makes Them So Damn Relatable

Kate Middleton

If you’re going to be invited to Kensington Palace, it’s expected that you’re going to be on your best behaviour — unless of course, you’re “triple doggy dared” to steal something like mega star Camila Cabello.

During an interview with Radio 1’s Greg James in the UK, the 22-year-old singer revealed that the last time she visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s home for the Teen Hero Awards, she stole a pencil.

“You can’t not do a triple doggy dare,” she told the radio host, who was the culprit behind the challenge.

“If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my life it’s that, so I did it.”

After the interview, the BBC shared a tweet of the exchange on their Twitter account.

“I am sorry William and I am sorry Kate @KensingtonRoyal – @GregJames may have got @Camila_Cabello into a bit of trouble at the Palace.” Ha!

But it was here that Kate and William proved that they not only have an awesome sense of humour, but that they know how to stay completely relatable.

Seeing the funny side to the incident, the couple responded with a pair of “side eye” emojis — basically saying that they were watching the Havana singer.

If there’s one thing that world of social media has perfected, it’s bringing the people together, no matter (literally) their station.

Gone are the days where we sent fan mail in the post only to receive a generic signed head shot.

Now, without even a second thought, our favourite celebrities, and even the royals, are at our very fingertips.

We just flick them a comment or message, tag them and wait. And sometimes they respond — with the royals being no exception.

Yes, Cabello is a mega star in her own right, but the very fact that the House of Cambridge responded to such a Tweet, is the real reason they are so popular.

And it’s not only Kate and William taking time to have some fun on social media.

Duchess Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry are savvy, with Markle even said to do her own posting.

According to Damon Culbert, who led research about the royals and social media for the London Institute of Photographer, “the royals are talked about all the time”.

“We wanted to see how they relate to social media and fashion,” he told Vanity Fair.

“Kate and Meghan are both powerful social media influences, but Meghan came out tops in our research.

“It’s her first year as a royal and it has been a very busy year with a marriage and the birth of Archie. It goes to show that the Duchess of Sussex’s online presence is highly valuable to audiences around the world.”

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‪This evening The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accompanied Her Majesty The Queen and members of @TheRoyalFamily to the annual @RoyalBritishLegion Festival of Remembrance. This special event, which has taken place every year since 1923 at the @RoyalAlbertHall, commemorates all those who have lost their lives in conflicts.‬ • ‪This year’s Festival marked the 75th anniversary of a number of crucial battles of 1944, with a particular emphasis on the collaboration and friendship of the British, Commonwealth and Allied armies who fought them. A unique tribute was given to acknowledge those involved both past and present, culminating in a special parade of some of the last surviving veterans who fought and served in 1944.‬ • ‪Their Royal Highnesses, who last year attended their first Festival of Remembrance together, were honoured to once again pay tribute to all casualties of war and remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.‬ ‪#FestivalOfRemembrance ‪#WeWillRememberThem‬ Photo © PA / Royal British Legion

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While we love it when the royals share tidbits about their lives on Instagram (who doesn’t look forward to Cambridge Christmas card post each year), we love it more when it seems they are posting it themselves.

This was certainly the case for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ birthdays this year, when Harry and Meghan shared a birthday message to their nephews and nieces under their official photographs.

“Happy Birthday Louis! Sending lots of love from both of us,” the proud Aunty and Uncle wrote on his birthday in April.

This one comment went viral around the world, with news outlets praising the royals for taking such a personal (you know what we mean) approach.

With this, it’s clear. The more they post, share and comment, the more relatable they become.