What Happens If the British Monarchy Crumbles?

On September 8 of 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at 96. And since then, she’s been replaced by King Charles III. A King who’s denied being racist more a fistful of colonial colonies.

However, what would happen if the UK decided that King Charles wasn’t a vibe? What happens if this man’s coronation is the last coronation? What happens if the people or government of Britain decided to melt down the crown?

Now, you might think that such a hypothetical is completely absurd, but stranger things have happened. More powerful kingdoms than King Charles’ domain have been regulated to the tomes and tombs of history.  

So, with all of that in mind, does the UK even need the royal family? Let’s unpack what would happen if the British monarchy were to just simply disappear. Here’s what our future might be like:

The King and Queen’s Consent 

In 2021, The Guardian reported that 1000 laws were vetted by Queen Elizabeth and King Charles before they got the stamp of approval from the UK’s parliament. They commented on laws about food policy, pensions, car parking charges, and the private estate of Sandringham, just to name a few. 

These changes were done using a process called the Queen’s consent. At the time, a spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth said, “Queen’s consent is a longstanding convention and a requirement of the parliamentary process. Consent is routinely sought by the government and agreed by the monarch as a matter of course.”

If the monarchy was abolished, then the Queen’s consent or King’s consent would also disappear. There would be no royal family to influence the country’s legislation. The people of Britain would have a more fair and even democracy. 

The House of Lords Would Probably Disappear

Unfortunately, the King and Queen’s consent isn’t the only system that gives a minority of British citizen’s some supreme powers due to their birthrights. 

According to Grunge, if the British Monarchy goes, then the House of Lords would likely go too. The House of Lords is the second chamber of parliament, reviews legislation, and includes 92 hereditary peers. These hereditary peers, like King Charles, are from bloodlines that inherit political power. None of these folks received their positions due to being bureaucratically competent.  

Would the Public Have More Money?

As per the Royal’s own reports, in the 2021 to 2022 financial year, this institution received over AUD$14 million worth of pounds. What’s more, in the previous year, they scored about the same amount of cash from the British people. If the government or its people were to abolished the monarchy, this money could be used to support homeless shelters, build public parks, or subsidise the current cost of living crisis. 

What’s more, they could turn Buckingham Palace into a museum. Do you know how much some people would pay to sit on Queen Elizabeth II’s bed? To vibe in King Charles’ Coronation Chair? They would spend a jolly fortune.

And so, I assert once again, does the UK really need the royal family? Or, could it do with some more funds to help its impoverished citizens?

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