The Weeknd Debuts New Song ‘Scared To Live’ on Saturday Night Live

The Weeknd’s performance during Saturday Night Live was more than just a showcase of his hit Blinding Lights —it was also the debut of his latest song, a ballad called Scared to Live.

Appearing in a red suit, black gloves and sporting a fake bloodied nose with a bandage, the singer performed the hits from his upcoming album After Hours, which will be released on March 20.

During his appearance on SNL, some fans took to Twitter with concern over his appearance, however, it was all apart of a cohesive story he is telling with his new record.

The Weeknd a.k.a Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, has already released singles and video clips for his new record and most notably, in the Blindling Lights clip, he is seen getting injuries to his face when he gets into a fight with several bouncers.


The performance on the acclaimed stage was the singer’s third stint and saw him also perform in a hilarious sketch called On the Couch.

During the skit, he performed with Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd singing an R&B song about being in the doghouse with your significant other.

WATCH: The performance of Scared to Live on SNL. Story continues…


The Weeknd also released a short film called After Hours in March, a promo for the album of the same name, which builds on the singer’s meta visuals.

The film blurs art and reality, picking up just as the singer leaves a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he wanders backstage and out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

As the clip progresses, his mental state gradually declines and in a scene in a subway, his body is taken over by unseen forces before he murders a young couple in an elevator.

WATCH: The Weeknd’s After Hours short film.

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