The Traitors’ Marielle Reveals What’s Next for Her After Being Blindsided

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After dominating the game and helping to banish not one, but two of her fellow Traitors, Marielle felt the sting of banishment herself last night in a blindside elimination for the ages.

She’d been flying under the radar for weeks, but it was one seemingly innocuous anecdote about a conversation she’d had with Fiona — in which Fiona told Marielle that if she was murdered that night, to look to Teresa — that spelled the beginning of the end for Marielle’s reign.

Marielle mentioned the conversation to Kate, who became instantly suspicious of Marielle. Surely Fiona — who was known for being outspoken in the game — would’ve told Teresa to her face if she’d suspected her? It was enough for Kate and Teresa to unite, and soon enough, Marielle’s time in the game was over.


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“I did have that conversation with Fi that came out as a lie — that did happen,” Marielle told The Latch over the phone. 

“The most surprising element [of the game], I think, was realising how quickly people can change their minds, based on one incident of something happening,” she said, adding: “We saw people go into Banishment with Dirk’s name heavy on their lips, and come out of that with Matt gone. It was really surprising how quickly people lost their conviction on certain people.”

Having long thought that “being on reality TV, in general, would be such a cool experience”, Marielle said that she was drawn to apply for The Traitors for its “gameplay-focused” nature.

“I just loved that it was something new, there was a lot of strategy, I thought I’d be quite good at it,” she recalled. “And I sort of just thought, ‘life is short, let’s jump in!’ and then it just went from there, which is crazy!”

Although Marielle was very keen to play the game as a Traitor and thrilled to be able to do so, it also made the game that much harder to navigate.

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“The hardest thing was being a genuine person in a role where you’re a genuine player,” she said. “You meet all these amazing people and you wanna form all these connections, and you’re just caught in this lie that you have to uphold!”

She laughed. “It’s really hard; every time you’re face-to-face with someone, you’re upholding this lie, remembering what you’ve already said, and you know, the Traitors play a really intense game, and it is really difficult.”

Although Marielle is out of the game now, she’s still hoping that the Traitors (especially Nigel) will be able to go all the way and take out the win. Whether they can do it or not, though?


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“I don’t know!” she exclaimed. “I think they’re still strong… Nigel didn’t vote for me, so I don’t know if that will put a bit of a wedge between him and Alex, maybe, but I think they, if they can stay strong together, they’ve got this.”

As for what’s next for Marielle, well, it’s back to normal life, with her double degree in law and international politics waiting for her.

“Look, I’ve had my crazy reality TV journey, I think at this point I’m just going to knuckle down in my study and focus on that, and focus on making a difference in the world in that aspect, rather than on reality TV,” she said. “I don’t know, though! I jumped on Traitors, so I can’t say to no to a good opportunity!”

The Traitors airs at 7.30pm, Sunday – Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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