After His ‘Traitors’ Banishment, Ian Zaro Is “Down to Do Anything”

The Traitors Australia 2023 cast, Ian

This week on The Traitors Australia, the Faithfuls managed to banish their first Traitor, Ash Pollard. The only problem, of course, was that the move was actually being orchestrated by Ash’s fellow Traitor, Sam. Then, on Tuesday night, the Faithful flopped again, when they voted out Ian Zaro, another one of their own.

Chatting to The Latch over the phone, Ian says that “the intensity that Liam was gunning towards [him] with was insane”.

“Like, how did you come to this conclusion?” he adds.


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On Being Banished

By the time they got to the Banishment Ceremony, Ian says he was “just like, done with it”.

“I was giving a bit of attitude,” he says. “That’s why I said at the banishment table, ‘You know what? I don’t know how else I can prove myself to you guys, because I’ve done absolutely nothing except follow you, and talk to you’.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, you float around a bit’,” he recalls. “I’m like ‘That’s the whole point of the show!’ so what else am I supposed to do?”

One of the other sticking points in their argument, Ian says, was that he was too quiet in the game, and not engaging with strategy enough. In their eyes, it meant that he was secretly plotting and scheming against them, which he disputes.

“Like, sorry if I’m a really good listener, if I listen too intently,” he says. “Maybe I’ll sit there and ignore you next time!”


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Who Ian Hopes Will Win The Traitors 2023

Now that Ian is out of the game, he’ll be tuning in with the rest of us, rooting for his faves.

“Honestly? I hope to God that Ro or Hannah win,” he says. “They’re my OGs, I love them so much. They’re such a vibe and I could connect with them, and I really hope they win, I really do.”


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We Might Be Seeing Ian on Our Screens Again… And Soon

Now that Ian’s Traitors journey has come to an end, he says he’s ready for anything.

“I am down to do anything, I’m just ticking things off of my bucket list at this point,” he says.

“I’ve done a rom-com movie, I’ve done a drama series, I’ve done voice acting on Disney+, I’m just ticking off boxes!” he says.

Now, he’s also done reality TV, and if our chat is anything to go by, there might be more coming our way soon.

“I feel like reality TV is just amazing,” he says. “Even if it’s something different than The Traitors, I’m down for it. I am absolutely down for it.

“I’m open to new experiences, but I think people will see me on TV again eventually — maybe October — but we’ll see!”

That’s rather specific, we point out.

Ian laughs.

We ask what shows he’d like to do next. Shark Tank Australia, perhaps? Australian SurvivorLove Island?

“Oop! Oop!” he says with a laugh.

“You know, I am hoping one day I get on a Big Brother or something,” he says, redirecting. “I feel like that would be more fun, and it’s not so secretive. Like yeah, we can have our secrets and stuff like that, but it would just be a fun time, you know! We could actually fully get to know the people, and have a bit more fun there.

“As for the love stuff, I don’t know!” he adds. “Maybe a Farmer Wants a Husband sort of thing! I’d be so terrible on a farm, but you know, if he’s hot? I will work my ass off!”

Mark your calendars for October, folks!

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