“It’s Like Being in a House Full of Narcissists!” — Teresa Dishes on ‘The Traitors’

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It’s been a wild season of The Traitors thus far, and this coming Sunday, it will all come to its thrilling finale as our Traitors, Alex and Kate, go up against our two remaining Faithfuls, Craig and Lewis.

One person who sadly won’t be in the show’s grand finale this weekend is Teresa Newton, who was banished from the game on Monday night. Chatting to The Latch, Teresa said that now that she’s no longer in the running for the win, she’s rooting for Craig to take out the win.

“I would love Craig to win, he’s got a great story behind him,” she said, but she suspects he’ll have quite a hard time snatching the win from recent Traitor Kate.

“I think Kate might win though, she’s so smart,” she said.


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It’s safe to say that the relationship between Kate and Teresa has had its ups and downs — as Faithfuls, both women suspected one another and were out to get the other. Then, they teamed up to become Traitor hunters, and orchestrated the blindside of Marielle, one of the show’s most intense blindsides of the season. Then, Alex recruited Kate to be a Traitor, and Kate was forced to turn on her recent ally, voting to banish Teresa from the game. Still, Teresa has a lot of empathy for Kate’s position in the game.

“Ugh, that must’ve been so hard for her, becoming a Traitor after we had just developed this bond where we were going to be Traitor hunters together, and then she got turned!” she said. “I keep in touch with everybody now, bar a couple of people, and just the amount of apologies they sent through is hilarious!” 

She laughed, joking: “I’m like ‘nup, we’re not in the game anymore, I’m not accepting it, asshole!’”

Indeed, it’s this good nature and empathy that Teresa knows would have made her a terrible Traitor.

“I would NEVER want to be a Traitor, and I made that quite clear from the beginning — I’m a terrible liar!” she exclaimed. “It’s all over my face, and I can’t be mean. It’s not even mean, but I can’t pin stuff onto people, and then try to get everyone to rally around catching them out.”

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Going into the game, Teresa’s approach was quite simply to make friends and (hopefully) influence people, and she said that to an extent, it was one that worked for her.

“I went into the game thinking ‘I’m just going to make friends’,” she said. “I find that very easy… I can talk to anyone and become close with them or form a bond with them, and so I was going in there with the hopes that they would like me so much that they wouldn’t want to get rid of me, and I think that worked, to an extent for me.”

One thing that didn’t work, though?

“I went in thinking ‘oh, I’m so perceptive, I’m going to notice people’s attitudes and personality change’ — what the hell was I thinking?!” she exclaimed with a laugh.

“I didn’t KNOW ANYBODY, what have I got to go off?!” she explained. “I was like ‘you’re strange, you’re a Traitor’, and no, they’re not a Traitor, they’re just strange!” she laughed.

“Like, I’m an idiot! Everything went out the window and I was just like ‘you know what, I’m on holiday right now, this is great! They’ve got bacon and cups of coffee, I’m in!’”


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Sussing out which of the strangers were being deceptive wasn’t the only difficult element of the game, either.

“The hardest part was constantly trying to convince people, constantly, that you were Faithful, even though you’ve given them no specific reason to think you were a Traitor,” she said. “No matter what you said, no matter how sincere you said it, they still thought you were a Traitor, and I found that exhauuuuuusting.”

She continued: “It was like being in a house full of narcissists, you know, and all of us just having toxic relationships! I thought I’d go in and gaslight the shit out of everyone but I really got gaslit!”

She laughed. “And then I was too busy having such a good time with everyone, in such an awesome environment, that I really lost the ability to play the game well!”

As someone who was forced to plead her innocence a lot throughout the game, we had to know: In Teresa’s opinion, what was it about her that made the other Faithful suspect her?

“I don’t wanna say fear, but I think confidence really sort of takes people aback, a bit, if they’re not used to somebody with my personality,” Teresa mused. “Where I’m from, we’re all like this!

“I come from a huge family, I have seven brothers and sisters, and you know, it is a fight for attention, to be the funny, loud one!” she explained. “It makes you build confidence, so for me, this is a normal personality, but for other people if you don’t grow up in that cultural background or in a big house, I think they just go ‘oh no, that’s too much, only a Traitor would behave like that’.”

The Traitors finale airs at 7.30pm this Sunday, November 13, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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