The Traitors’ Mark Reveals the Most Surprising Part of the Game and Who He Thinks Will Win

the traitors mark 2022 eliminated murdered eviction interview

Heading into Network Ten’s latest competition reality series, The Traitors, Mark had no idea what to expect — something he found “appealing” about applying for the new series. Now on the other side of the competition, after being murdered by the Traitors, Mark spoke to The Latch about his experience on the show, from the most surprising element, to his elimination, and who he hopes will take home the win at the end.

After a string of unlucky Banishment Ceremonies that saw four Faithfuls in a row eliminated, the Faithfuls’ luck finally began to turn around last week when, led by “Traitor hunter” Mark, they managed to banish Angus and Claire back-to-back.

Unfortunately for Mark, his reputation preceded him, and the Traitors soon turned their attention to him, murdering him in the night and leaving the remaining Faithfuls to fend for themselves.

Laughing, Mark said that he “100%” knew that the Traitors were closing in on him.

“My Traitor radar might be good at spotting the Traitors, but my Traitor radar is also good at realising, ‘you’re on borrowed time, Mark’,” he said.

Mark said that his tendency to think out loud was beneficial to him in the game, in that it allowed him to bond with people quickly, and then use that bond to influence them, but that it also inevitably led to his downfall.

“I like to take people on my thought process and my journey with me, which sometimes kind of gets me in trouble, right?” he said. “Because I’m super social and I like to connect with people really quickly, which helps me to be able to influence them and kind of take them along on my view with me… [but] perhaps at the end there, I needed to be more strategic about the environment I share those views in and who might be around at the time.”

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When it came to the game, Mark said that the most surprising, and the hardest, element of the game was “how incredibly exhausting it was, and how taxing it is to be constantly doubting and questioning every single thing that happens in a day, and every single interaction you have with another human”.

He explained: “I have never had to live like that before, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to live like that again!” He laughed. “The toll that that takes on another human is incredible, like you are exhausted by the end of the day because nothing can be done on autopilot.”

Without the Traitor towers to retreat to “in their cute, plush robes” at the end of the day for a traitorous debrief and murder session, the Faithfuls were playing an even harder game than the Traitors, Mark said, because they were “just in [their] rooms overthinking every interaction, everything another contestant has said to [them], and whether [they] can trust that person.

With the remaining Traitors, Nigel and Marielle, both playing “phenomenal” games, Mark knows the Faithfuls now have their work cut out for them, but he’s hopeful they’ll be able to sniff them out before they get murdered also.

“I would like to think that if I was still there I would be coming for Marielle real quick,” he mused, “but they are doing a great job, and I think the reality is that the Faithfuls are gonna be on the back foot from the get-go, because they don’t have access to the same amount of information that the Traitors do, and they don’t have the ability to murder.

“It’s a much harder game for the Faithfuls,” he continued. “I really hope that one of my girls takes it out and that they make it through to the end, but, as I said when I was leaving, they’re gonna have to stop focusing on noise — and someone who might be making the biggest fuss — and hone in on the people who aren’t doing that, because that’s where the truth lies, I think.

As for who Mark is hoping will take home the win (and the $250k prize!) though, he said that he’s rooting for Alex, Kate, Teresa or Fiona.

“I’m very heavily biased toward those lovely, lovely ladies in the house, and I think they’re all playing phenomenal games, in very different ways, so I would love one of them to take it out,” he said.

Will one of them be successful, or will the Traitors get to them first? Only time will tell. Until then…

The Traitors airs at 7.30pm, Sunday – Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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