‘The Traitors’: Clairvoyant Chloe Can See Herself As the Winner

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2022 is the year of Network Ten premiering new shows and new formats, and so far, we’re loving it. We’ve roamed the streets of Victoria with Hunted Australia, cruised along the Mediterranean with The Real Love Boat, and now, we’re ready to play detective with The Traitors.

Hosted by Rodger CorserThe Traitors is a new competition reality series that takes place in an old hotel, where our Faithful contestants will compete in challenges to win bars of silver.

The twist, because there’s always a twist, is that there are Traitors masquerading as Faithfuls amongst them, trying to pick them off, one by one. If a Traitor makes it to the end, they’ll win the entire prize pool of silver — worth up to $250,000 — for themselves. If a Faithful makes it to the end, they’ll be presented with a choice: either split the prize with their other Faithful, or keep it all for themselves.

One of the Faithfuls hoping to make it to the end and collect the silver is Chloe, a 30-year-old clairvoyant from NSW.

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In her everyday life, Chloe is steadfastly against lying, deceiving and manipulating to get what she wants, so it’s probably a good thing she wasn’t chosen to be one of the Traitors.

“I will definitely struggle with playing deviously but my poker face will help throw people off,” she said in a press statement before the series premiered. “Being a Traitor would feel extremely unnatural to me because it goes against everything I believe in.”

She continued: “I am all about the love and I would have to lie. I would have to persuade people in a negative way so it would be difficult but I can a hundred per cent do it”.

Chloe went on to say that she was excited to be confronted with sceptics, both on the show and in the viewers at home, because the prospect of changing people’s minds and convincing them of her psychic abilities was exciting.

“I would love to have a sceptic in this game because I can change their mind,” she said.

With that said, Chloe also understands that this is a competition, and she’s not planning on revealing any of her psychic knowledge with her fellow players unless it’s at a Banishment Ceremony.

“I’m going to keep it to myself because you can’t trust anyone, which is the game,” she explained.

When it comes to her game plan, Chloe said that she’s an apt observer of people’s behaviour and body language, but she will also be calling on the spirits to help her out with some extra sneaky intel.

Will the spirits be on her side, or will the dark forces of the Traitors get her first? Only time will tell. Until then…

The Traitors airs at 7.30pm, Sunday — Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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