Former Olympic Skier Jacqui Is Ready to Take on ‘The Summit Australia’ 2023

The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Jacqui

The Summit Australia is Channel 9’s latest reality competition series. The show challenges 14 strangers to hike to the top of one of New Zealand’s highest peaks. The prize? A share in a one million dollar cash prize. The catch? There are obstacles along the way, and they’re carrying their share of the prize on their backs. It’s a whole new show, so today, we’re getting to know The Summit 2023 cast.

The Summit 2023 Cast: Meet Jacqui

Unlike many of the other contestants, Jacqui is no stranger to a snowy mountain. Rather, she’s a former Olympic aerial skier, which is sure to intimidate her fellow contestants.

With an impressive track record of being a five-time Olympian and five-time world number one in aerial skiing, Jacqui is now ready to take on the challenge of The Summit Australia.

“I spent 20 years skiing off a jump faster than a car and at the height of a three-story building,” Jacqui said in a press statement.

She added: “Wacky Jacqui is a great name for me.”


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How Jacqui Is Approaching The Summit

Despite her comfort with the elements, Jacqui does have some concerns around the living conditions. From sleeping with strangers to having no bed, Jacqui is somewhat concerned that she won’t be able to adapt to the challenging living conditions.

Another concern? Leaving her children, husband and successful career behind while she embarks on this new adventure. Luckily, Jacqui has it sorted.

“I run my house like a military operation,” Jacqui said. “To even get here and do this, I sent my husband a 28-tab Excel spreadsheet on how to run the family.”

In fact, Jacqui’s meticulous planning and organisational skills earned her the nickname “Logistics” from her husband.

“It’s unromantic but very true,” she joked.

Jacqui’s determination and preparation for the trek ahead are admirable, making her one to watch on The Summit Australia 2023.

The Summit Australia airs at 7pm on Sunday, and at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 9 and 9Now. Miss an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

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