Isaac Is Ready to Charm the Trekkers on ‘The Summit Australia’ 2023

The Summit Channel 9 cast 2023, Isaac

The Summit Australia is Channel 9’s latest reality competition. It challenges 14 strangers to hike to the top of one of New Zealand’s highest peaks for their share in a million dollar prize. The million dollars? It’s in cash, split evenly among the contestants’ backpacks as they trek up the mountain. The Summit is brand new show, and with a new show comes new people to get to know. Today, we’re getting to know The Summit Australia 2023 cast.

The Summit Australia 2023 Cast: Meet Isaac

Isaac is a talented musician from Dubbo who’s bringing his infectious personality to The Summit Australia 2023.

With a love for his community and a passion for music, Isaac is hoping his likability will take him far in the competition.

In a press statement, Isaac said that he believes his friendly demeanour will be an advantage in the competition.

“You’re going to need people to trust you and need people to get you to the top,” he explained. “You can’t do it by yourself, and I’m going to bring them in and then when I don’t need them, I’ll throw them away.”

He laughed.

“That’s so mean!” he added.

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Isaac’s Journey to The Summit

While Isaac may not be the fittest person making the climb, he’s determined to rely on his mental strength and survivor spirit to keep pushing forward.

“I’ve been through a lot,” he shared. “I went through the Taree floods a few years ago, I’ve lost my car, my music equipment.

“As an Indigenous person I deal with racism and those adversities daily so I’ve developed a hard skin, and mentally I’m able to push through it,” he continued. “That’s how I’ll get up that mountain.”

Of course, the million dollar prize is also a big motivator.

“A million dollars would change my life dramatically,” Isaac said. “I live on nothing now, so a million would buy a lot of two-minute noodles!”

Isaac’s unwavering positivity is a testament to his character, and his determination to overcome obstacles in life is admirable, making him one to watch this season on The Summit.

The Summit Australia airs at 7pm on Sunday, and at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 9 and 9Now. Miss an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

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