Get Mentally Prepared for The Summit — Here’s the 2024 Start Date

The Summit's 2024 start date

The Summit is back. The first season was such an adrenaline-fuelled success that they’ve renewed it for Season 2. If you’re wondering when The Summit 2024 starts, we have got you sorted.


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If you’re not in the know, The Summit tasks 14 strangers with teaming up to climb the rugged alps of New Zealand’s South Island. During this climb, each contestant is carrying an equal share of one million dollars. If the group wants to keep this money, they have to reach the summit of a distant mountain in 15 days. They’ll have to traverse massive gorges and raging waterfalls in order to achieve their goal. If a member of this group is going too slow, the rest can choose to eliminate them.

Last year’s season of The Summit was a non-stop adventure with a finale to remember. During the final episode, the musician Isaac, the boxer Lulu, and the stay-at-home parent Brooke ended up splitting an impressive $490,000.

But while The Summit 2023 was awesome, The Summit 2024 is looking like it’ll be bigger and better. According to the host Jai Courtney, this season will end with a twist that will have us quaking in our boots.

“Getting to the summit will be just the beginning,” Jai said. “Hold on tight.”

When Does The Summit 2024 Start?

The Summit 2024 starts on Sunday, May 12, at 7.00pm AEST. It will be airing on Channel 9 and streaming on 9Now. Miss this episode? Catch up with 9Now.

The second episode of The Summit is airing on Monday, May 13, at 7.30pm AEST. Likewise, the third episode of The Summit is airing on Tuesday, May 14, at 7.30pm AEST.  These episodes will also air on Channel 9 and be available for streaming on 9Now.

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