This Corduroy Bedding Is the Secret to a Quality Sleep In Icy Cold Months

The Sheet Society

Sleep is a fickle thing. It’s something you want more of but its often hard to come by. It’s incredibly important for your health and the hours spent in bed are when your brain and body heal, repair and restore.

So, creating a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom is necessary to achieve quality snooze time. And while winter might seem like the most comfortable season for sleep (especially compared to the gruelling heat of summer), if you’re not properly kitted up with warm sheets and quilt covers, coldness can lead to a night of wakeful sleep.

We turned to a pair of sheet experts to find out which bedding is the best to brave these arctic wintery nights. Co-founders of The Sheet Society, Hayley and Andy Worley, created their brand in 2017 and have since nailed down what you need for a great night’s sleep.

When it comes to creating a toasty, warm bed, The Sheet Society’s corduroy range is the way to go.

“We’re seeing everyone snuggling up in cord at the moment due to its warming fabric and beautiful tapestry of colours available,” Hayley told TheLatch—. “Our corduroy range is made from 100% cotton, with a completely breathable plush, ribbed fabric, just like all our cotton counterparts.”

While sleeping in cord bedding might sound pretty far out, it’s actually a super breathable material and is also hypoallergenic. The Sheet Society’s cord quilt range also comes in a number of colours, so you can match the shade to the vibe of your boudoir.

“Corduroy comes in a rainbow of fabulous, tending colours, from Terracotta to Dove Grey and a stunning Blush,” Hayley said. “There are five hues to choose from that can be intermixed in with cotton or linen bedding.

And don’t worry, for those concerned about washing a corduroy quilt cover, it’s a breeze.

” Just throw it in the washing machine, followed by a trip to the dryer, and it can go straight back on your bed (so there’s no time spent having withdrawals),” Hayley said. “We don’t believe you should have to go a day without corduroy in your life.”

If sleeping is cord doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can also opt for a fabric like linen, which according to Hayley, is actually a heat-conductive fabric.

“Many people think of linen and summer together, but the benefit of linen in winter is that the fabric lets your skin easily ventilate itself due to being a natural fibre,” she said. “It’s a non-allergenic and antibacterial fibre as well, with no nasties, so it’s great for sensitive skins and allergy-prone nappers.”

As for what to avoid in your bedding, steer clear of fabrics like polyester — especially if you’re a sweaty sleeper as these will compound the problem. Instead, opt for something more breathable like cotton.

“If you’re sleeping in synthetic materials, like polyester, they will absorb your body heat rather than naturally ventilating, so the fabric will retain your heat and you’ll have that stuffy, sweaty feeling,” Hayley said.

“We much prefer a luxuriously cosy cotton that allows air to easily flow, while maintaining that warm water bottle feeling at your feet. Lush!

“Our Eden Cotton is made from long-staple sateen cotton with a 400 thread count, which is also organic and hasn’t been dyed with any harsh chemicals.”

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