Josh and Julie Niland Will Take Over Paddington’s Grand National Hotel

the grand national hotel

Trailblazers Josh and Julie Niland are conquering Paddington—one venue at a time. From Saint Peter’s classy 12-metre long Carrara marble-topped bar to the casual fish and chip shop, Fish Butchery, just a few steps down the street, the Niland’s are owning Paddington’s hospitality scene. Although, Paddington isn’t the only suburb you will find a Niland venue. In Rosebay, locals have enjoyed the addition of Charcoal Fish, inspired by charcoal chicken shops, but with a Niland twist. They also recently opened a second Fish Butchery in Waterloo, slinging Yellowfin Tuna Cheeseburgers and other favourites.

Now, the Niland’s have announced they are taking over the running of the newly renovated, The Grand National Hotel in Paddington. Situated on the corner of Underwood Street and Elizabeth Street, the boutique hotel is a local favourite, and come the summer of 2023, we can only expect it to be bigger and better.

The new Saint Peter restaurant will be housed in an opulent 45 seat dining room crowned with an incredible skylight ceiling. Guests will have a full view of the open kitchen, wood fired grill and a window into the fish charcuterie cabinets and displays. An a la carte menu celebrating Australian seafood will also be offered.

For the first time, Saint Peter will have a bar where guests can enjoy a pre or post dinner drink. The bar will also have its own menu for a more casual experience during lunch and dinner.

In addition to the bar, there will be a private dining room for up to 15 guests, catering for special occasions.

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Another first is the exciting news that Saint Peter will not just be a restaurant, but a boutique hotel with 14 rooms. The hotel will provide restaurant guests with an opportunity to extend their Saint Peter experience with a luxurious overnight stay.

Although, this means Saint Peter Oxford Street will close for good in early 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year. In the meantime, make Josh Niland’s Tuna ‘Nduja’ on Toast at home.

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