‘The Challenge Australia’ Is Here, But What Are the Rules?

It’s been a bumper year for competitive reality TV in Australia and sneaking in before 2022 closes is Network 10’s latest series set to have us binging every episode, The Challenge Australia. 

Hosted by Brihony Dawson, The Challenge Australia pits 22 sports legends, influencers and reality TV stars against one another to compete in a series of physical challenges all while living together in one mega-luxe and mega-romantic villa while vying for the ultimate prize of $200,000. Oh, and did we mention some of the contestants have dated before? What could possibly go wrong when living with and competing against your ex? 

The Challenge Australia is going to be throwing twists and turns at these celebrities,” Brihony says. “They’re going to have to dig deep to have any chance of making it to the final.”

The rules of the game are simple. Every episode, contestants will pair up to compete in a physical challenge and duke it out to win. The team who comes in last automatically faces elimination against another team, which the winners get to hand-pick. 

After facing off in an elimination challenge, the losing team is sent packing and the remaining team gets to rejoin the group that just tried to send them home. Awkward. 

Of course, there’s a twist. After every elimination, The Challenge Australia wipes its couples and uses an algorithm to repair all of the contestants in new partnerships, meaning the contestant who tried to send you home could become your new BFF. 

And while the physical challenges may be seriously daunting, there’s also the social aspect to consider, as contestants live together, party together and in some instances hook up, making the series a hotbed for alliances, backstabbing and high-intensity drama. 

But with the chance to win a $200,000 cash prize, the title of Australia’s first-ever Challenge Champion and the opportunity to represent Australia in The Challenge World Championships, the social and physical challenges are surely worth it. 

Who will take home the prize? Only time will tell…

The Challenge Australia airs at 7.30pm on Network Ten on Mondays and Tuesdays. Catch up on 10 Play. 

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