Ciarran Stott’s Rocky Road on ‘The Challenge Australia’ Thus Far

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This year, Network Ten has been serving up all kinds of new and exciting shows. We’ve said “I could do that” while watching Hunted Australia and The Traitors, and set sail with The Real Love Boat, destination: true love. Now, Ten has given us one last reality competition series to close out the year in The Challenge Australia.

Hosted by Brihony Dawson, The Challenge Australia sees sports legends, influencers and reality TV stars go head to head in a series of intense physical challenges, all while living under the same roof of a very glam villa in Buenos Aires, where the show filmed.

Not only are they competing for the grand prize of $200,000, but the winner will also go on to represent Australia the first ever The Challenge: Global Championship, where they’ll go up against the winners of The Challenge: ArgentinaThe Challenge: USA, and The Challenge: UK.

One of the stars competing for the win is notorious Bachelor Nation alum Ciarran Stott, who’s appeared on The Bachelorette Australia, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette Sweden.

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Now, the Manchester-born bad boy of reality television is ready for a new challenge, and is looking forward to taking out the win.

Initially, Stott was drawn to the opportunity to do The Challenge Australia because, quite simply, it wasn’t a dating show.

“There’s no more trying to get with women, I don’t want to do that anymore,” he said. “The Challenge is a physical game, which is right up my alley. I love boxing, I was in the army so all that stuff is going to come into play in this game and I think I will do really well.”

Prior to the show’s premiere, Stott had said that his main motivation to win The Challenge was that he was hoping to start a family with his partner Ruby Burciaga in 2023.

However, while filming the premiere episode of the series, Stott almost instantly hooked up with Love Island Australialum Audrey Kanongara, before immediately regretting his actions and apologising.

In a confessional on the show, Stott addressed Burciaga directly, saying: “I am really sorry for what I’ve done. Hopefully you don’t leave me and we stay together.”

So far, it seems like she’s accepted his apology and that the couple are still together, with Burciaga even teasing Stott on Instagram when the episode aired, writing: “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight boy.”

Burciaga then thanked her followers for the messages of support, writing: “It’s been an incredibly tough couple of months and not something I ever imagined I’d go through, especially so publicly. So grateful for each and every one of you.”

Stott, for his part, has since said that he has decided to go sober, and that he is now working toward “healing the mind, body and soul”.

“The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life come when I consume alcohol [and] drugs,” he wrote on Instagram. “So I decided it was finally time to put a stop to it all. No more drinking! No more drugs! No more of that bulls**t. I turn into the biggest muppet there is and hurt the people closest to me over and over again.

“I probably should’ve realised this a few years ago but it’s better late than never,” he continued. “It’s a long road ahead to becoming the best version of myself I can be. One for myself and two for my relationship and family. The support from my partner, family and friends is next to none and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all.”

Will Stott be able to go all the way on The Challenge? Only time will tell. Until then…

The Challenge Australia airs at 7.30pm on Network Ten on Mondays and Tuesdays. Catch up on 10 Play.

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