The First Ever ‘Block’ Architect Is Here — But Do Steph and Gian Have the Skills to Win?

Can you believe it? The Earth hasn’t imploded, the sun hasn’t crashed into us, and humanity is still here. What’s more, we have recently learnt that Steph and Gian will be contestants on this season of The Block. Who can ask for anything more than that?

To commemorate these remarkable achievements, let’s detail everything that we know about The Block’s Steph and Gian. Let’s unpack their history, their experiences, and their dreams.

The Block’s 2023 Cast: Meet Steph and Gian

Steph and Gian are the youngest contestants on The Block, both being 27 years old. However, just because they’re young, doesn’t mean that they haven’t been partnered up for ages. Steph and Gian started dating in year 7, and the pair got married last year. 

“We had an instant connection just as friends,” said Steph in a press statement.

Additionally, because Steph and Gian have been partners for so long, they work super well as a team

“We are a really good team because communication is the key,” said Steph.

“We definitely will be bickering because I’ll probably be a bit fanatical about certain things being a certain way.”

Steph and Gian: Their 2023 Block House Design 

Steph is the first architect to ever be on The Block. She’s also a big fan of Japandi designs, which fuses Japanese and Scandinavian design principles into one. According to Steph, she’s planning on creating Japandi designed rooms in her house.

“As a residential architect, I specialise in Scandinavian, art deco, mid-century homes,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gian is a finance worker who will make sure that their budget is in order. He’s also going to make sure that his house design meets his wife’s high expectations. 

Steph also stated, “You give Gian a task, and he gets it done.”

The Block premieres on Sunday, August 6, at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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