Marty Fox Has Officially Joined ‘The Block’ — Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve been bingeing The Block the last few weeks, you might have noticed that there’s a new judge in town. Due to personal reasons, Marty Fox is replacing Neale Whitaker on some episodes of The Block

“For the 2023 season, I’ve put family first and cut back on my judging weeks,” Neale said in a statement.

“My partner of 20 years, David, experienced some serious health issues earlier this year, and my priority has been to spend more time at home.”

So, who is Marty Fox? And what makes him qualified to be a judge on The Block? Here are all the details we know.

The Block’s Marty Fox

Marty Fox is a real estate agent with a heck of a reputation. This chap has been in the real estate business since 2009, and he even co-founded a company WHITEFOX Real Estate.


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What’s more, Marty is a bit of a Block veteran. In 2020, he auctioned off Harry and Tash’s Brighton house. In 2022, he was the auctioneer for Rachel and Ryan’s Gisborne house.

According to Marty, he likes homes to have a classic vibe. He doesn’t like properties that are too twee or kitsch. 

“In terms of our personal style, it is generally of a period nature, old Victorian homes,” Marty said. “My thing going into The Block is to make sure the contestants deliver a house that is as timeless as possible, but still keeping to the trends.”

Each week, Marty and Neale will rotate their judging responsibilities. What this will mean for the contestants is still a question mark.

The Block drops on Sundays through Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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