No Experience, No Problems: Liberty and Eliza Are Giving ‘The Block’ a Crack

Australia’s most gnarly reality series is here. That’s right, The Block. A programme that’s full of painting meltdowns, cheating scandals, and home reno drama. Which begs the question: Can Liberty and Eliza, two of The Block’s new contestants, survive?

Well, you can determine that for yourself. Here are all the details we know about The Block’s Eliza and Liberty. 

The Block’s 2023 Cast: Meet Liberty and Eliza

Liberty and Eliza are sisters who grew up in Adelaide but now live in Melbourne. Both of them are single and have joked about falling in love on The Block

During The Block’s trailer, Liberty says, “We’re hoping there are some single tradies.”

When not flirting it up, Liberty works for an advertising company. She’s also a mental health advocate who gives talks in schools.

Meanwhile, Eliza is a radio producer and a co-host of the dating podcast, Finding a Unicorn. She is very excited about the challenges that are coming her way.

Liberty and Eliza: Their 2023 Block House Design 

At this stage, we don’t know anything about Liberty and Eliza’s house design. This is because neither one of them has ever renovated a place.

However, this hasn’t deterred Liberty and Eliza from stepping up to The Block’s wickets. These sisters are keen to give it their all. 

“We are both single, in our mid-thirties, and nothing is holding us back,” said Liberty. “Everything has just aligned.” 

Likewise, Eliza stated, “If we can do it, anyone can. It’s overwhelming. Despite thriving in our careers and like being on top of our game, we could not be further from it here.”

Will these words come back to Liberty and Eliza? Or will they slay The Block game? Soon enough, such questions will be answered.

The Block drops on Sundays through to Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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