Meet Kyle and Leslie: The Team Who’ve Tried Five Times to Be on ‘The Block’

My pals, it’s time to get hyped. ‘Cause The Block is currently dropping its 2023 season. What’s more, it’s starring a bunch of new contestants. Which brings us to Kyle and Leslie, two of The Block’s newest competitors.

However, The Block isn’t a walk in the park. People fight over cushion designs, get sick of the painting, and can’t handle the home reno dramatics. Will Kyle and Leslie join these low ranks? Or will they somehow thrive?

Here’s everything we know about The Block’s Kyle and Leslie.

The Block’s 2023 Cast: Meet Kyle and Leslie

Kyle and Leslie are a couple from Perth. They met in a nightclub 12 years ago and have been close pals ever since. 

What’s more, Kyle and Leslie have even had two kids together. They’re raising Luca, aged 11, and Archer, aged seven.

Over the years, Kyle and Leslie have applied to be on The Block five times. They are now stoked that they have this opportunity. 

“We’ve applied a few times and waited a long time, so we can’t wait to get started,”  said Leslie in a press statement. 

“It’s the ultimate challenge.”

Kyle and Leslie: Their 2023 Block House Design 

For The Block, Kyle and Leslie want to put all of their learnings to the test. This is because they built their own house in the Perth suburb of Caversham.

“We built our house through a building company,” said Kyle. “They left it with the bare bones, and we did the rest.” 

If this house is anything like this couple, then it will be friendly, open, and a great time.

The Block drops on Sundays through to Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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