Learn Kristy and Brett’s Secret Strategy to Win ‘The Block’ This Year

The Block Kristy and Brett

A new year, a new season of The Block. A new season of The Block, a new cast. This is the cycle of Australia. A cycle that The Block’s Kristy and Brett are now entrenched in.

Kristy and Brett are two Aussies that are on the 2023 season of The Block. But who the heck are they? Are they heroes or villains? Here’s what we know about them.

The Block’s 2023 Cast: Meet Kristy and Brett

Kristy and Brett are a couple from Adelaide who’ve been a team for 10 years and married for three. Kristy is a competitive project manager, and Brett is a power substation.

According to Kristy, the pair joined The Block in order to help themselves grow.

“It’s the unknown that is exciting for us,” Kristy said in a press statement. “In our roles back in Adelaide, we have done it for so long, and you don’t get out of your comfort zone. But with this, there is such an unknown, and we are looking forward to that.”

Meanwhile, Brett has a trick up his sleeve. This bloke used to be a tiler, but he wants to keep this info a secret. 

“I’m a former tiler, but I don’t want to tell people that,” said Brett. “I want to keep it a surprise.”

Kristy and Brett: Their 2023 Block House Design 

Kristy has stated that she wants to design a house that’s full of both Victorian and contemporary features. What’s more, she is afraid of doing the hard yakkas to make this dream a reality. 

“I’m all for getting my hands dirty,” said Kristy.

But will this be enough for Kristy and Brett to score a victory on auction day? Only the months coming up can answer that.

The Block drops on Sundays through to Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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