It’s Only Been a Week and ‘The Block’ Is Already Embroiled in a Cheating Scandal

The Block’s 2023 season has just begun, and there’s already a cheating scandal on our hands. That’s right, one team did something a tad sneaky and got fans and contestants alike fuming. 

But hold on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s everything we know about The Block’s cheating scandal. 

The Block’s 2023 Cheating Scandal

Steph and Gian
Channel 9

This story centres on the youngest couple on The Block, Steph and Gian. Their week one challenge was to create a bathroom, and this task almost destroyed them. Before Sunday’s reveal, Steph and Gian accidentally demolished the wrong room and missed some major deadlines.

What’s more, just moments before they had to put down their power tools, they hit another snag. Their carpenter installed a vanity in their bathroom and didn’t connect it to their plumbing. This resulted in this vanity being unusable. 

Yet, Steph and Gian had to push on. Even though they couldn’t use power tools, this couple needed to finish constructing their bathroom. 

It was around this time that Steph’s dad appeared. This bloke gave his daughter some words of encouragement. However, he also helped her finish the room. Steph’s dad even used an electric screwdriver while doing so. 

According to The Block’s rules, every worker has to go through an induction process before they work on this series. They also have to be paid minimum wage. As it stands, we don’t know if Steph’s dad was formally inducted or if he was paid for his labor.

Multiple teams believe that neither of these events transpired. From their standpoint, Steph and Gian cheated. 

One person who was partially incensed was fellow contestant Eliza.

“If he hasn’t been inducted,” said Eliza, “if he’s installing a shower screen and he’s not a glazier, and if he’s not being paid, I don’t like to be dramatic, but that’s cheating!”

Fans are also angry at this situation, but not for the reason you might expect. Numerous fans are frustrated that it’s only the first week and there’s already a cheating scandal. 

As one fan asked on social media, “Can we have less drama?”

Likewise, another fan wrote, “More soap opera rubbish.”

Steph and Gian’s Bathroom Reveal

Steph and Gian’s bathroom
Channel 9

So, did Steph and Gian’s alleged cheating help get them a win? Nope, the judges hated their bathroom, and it was the lowest scoring room of the week. They said that it lacked detail and functionality. 

Overall, this room scored 20.5/30.

The Block drops on Sundays to Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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