Wowee: ‘The Block’ Has Crowned Its 2023 Winner

In what was a tense and gripping finale, Gian and Steph have been crowned the winner of The Block in 2023.

In what was a stunning victory, the pair made $1,650,000 in profit, plus an additional $100,000 in prize money.

What’s more, while this victory was impressive in its own right, Gian and Steph have won the most money ever in The Block’s history. The previous record was scored by last year’s Omar and Oz. In 2022, Omar and Oz made $1,586,666.66 in profit, plus an additional $100,000 in prize money.

The finale kicked off with the group of contestants choosing their auction order. This is the first time in recent memory that the auction order has been decided by all of the contestants.

In previous seasons of The Block, the auction order has determined who has won and who has flopped. Over the previous 18 seasons, 12 of the winners were either first or second in the auction order. This season was no exception, with the two first homes to be auctioned winning the most money.

The auction order in 2023 was The Block winners, Gian and Steph, then Eliza and Liberty, then Kyle and Leslie, then Eliza and Liberty, and then Leah and Ash. 

In the end, the results were as follows:

House 4: Gian and Steph

Reserve: $3,350,000

Winning bid: $5,000,000

Total profit: $1,650,000

House 5: Eliza and Liberty

Reserve: $3,250,000.

Winning bid: $4,100,000

Total profit: $1,050,000.

House 3:  Kristy and Brett 

Reserve: $2,970,000

Winning bid: $3,035,000

Total profit: $65,000

House 1: Kyle and Leslie 

Reserve: $2,970,000

Winning bid: $3,100,000

Profit: $130,000

House 2: Leah and Ash

Reserve: $2,970,000

This house didn’t pass the reserve and wasn’t sold.

If you want to go through this drama for yourself, The Block’s 2023 finale is still up on 9 Now.

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