Great News: Tom Calleja Is Back on ‘The Block’ in 2023

Chums, the ending of last year’s Block was a tragic one. This is because Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson only made $20,000. After spending months of their lives restoring a massive heritage house, toiling away at the details, and becoming fan favourites, this team wasn’t rewarded for their efforts. 

The way that numerous tears upon tears flowed down Sarah-Jane’s cheeks was just devastating. 

However, one year later, there’s hope on the horizon. ‘Cause Tom is back on The Block. What’s more, this time, he’s getting a steady paycheck.

Why Is Tom Calleja Back on The Block in 2023?

According to The Block, Tom is now their resident plumber. He’s also the hipages ambassador. This means he will be able to award the contestants that are working hard an extra $10,000.

“I’m loving being back; it was an honour to be asked,” said Tom. 

“It’s great to be on the other side after being a contestant last year. It’s also great to learn and get an understanding of the production side of things.”

The time of this new gig couldn’t be better for Tom. He and Sarah-Jane are currently raising a two-year-old named Cleo. They are additionally expecting a new baby boy before the end of this year.

What Has Tom Calleja Been Doing Since The Block 2022?

Since being on The Block in 2022, Tom has returned to being a plumber for the folks of Victoria. He typically does this work for the company Trc Plumbing and Roofing. He’s also been spending time with Sarah-Jane, playing with Cleo, and a number of plugging products on Insta

The Block drops on Sundays through to Wednesdays on Channel 9 and the 9Now app.

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