‘The Block Fans VS Faves’: Meet the Contestants Picking Up the Tools in 2021

As we bid goodbye to the Olympics this weekend, it feels bittersweet. But thankfully, plenty of new shows are starting to help keep us entertained.

On Sunday, August 8, The Block is gearing up to premiere its latest season Fans VS Faves, and we can hardly wait. But before you grab your hard hat, let’s get to know the contestants who will be competing on the show.

Tanya and Vito – Fans


Channel 9

They’ve been together for 20 years and married for 18 of them, proving absolutely nothing can break Tanya and Vito’s bond.

The two have watched The Block since it first aired, and now, they’re going to compete in it.

During their marriage, they’ve built three houses of their own, with the one they live in now being their most recent.

“We understand trades and what it takes to get the job done,” Vito said. Their style is loud and bright and colourful, like them, so look out. “The Block is something we have watched for years so it’s just amazing to be on it. We can’t believe this is happening to us,” Tanya said.

Josh and Luke – Fans

Channel 9

You know them from Love Island Australia, and now, Josh and Luke are back on TV to compete on The Block.

The identical twins from Sydney are hard to tell apart, but their even harder to beat.

They may be inexperienced, but their passion and charisma is something to watch out for.

“We might be the juniors and not have much renovating experience, but we are going to give it our best shot,” Luke said.

Kirsty and Jesse – Fans

Channel 9

Together since they were just 16, Kirsty and Jesse make the perfect team. They bought their first house together when they were 18-years-old, and with each other’s help, they renovated and sold it, making a cool $60,000 profit.

The couple have been applying for The Block since 2012, and now that they’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime, they’re not going to let it slip away.

Ronnie and Georgia – Faves

Channel 9

They first appeared on The Block in 2017, and quickly became fan favourites.

Outspoken with a hunger to win, Ronnie and Georgia are back for the second time to make sure they take home the prize.

The two definitely have the experience, as they renovate and flip houses for a living.

“I want to do a really good job, and returning as all-stars brings even more expectation and pressure,” Georgia said. “We are our own worst critics.”

They definitely have the skills, but how will they fare against the other contestants?

Mitch and Mark – Faves

Channel 9

Mitch and Mark are no ordinary grandparents, they’re fabulous grandparents.

These two first appeared on The Block in 2019 and walked away with $384,000 in prize money after placing fifth.

But now, they’re back to see if they can take home the grand prize.

“There is nothing like finishing a project after planning it for so long and seeing it come to life – we love it,” Mark said.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia.

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