Will Australia’s Prince Charming, Ben Waddell Find Love on ‘The Bachelors’?

the bachelors 2024 Ben waddell

The Bachelors Australia welcomes model, Ben Waddell to its trio of eligible gentlemen looking for lasting love. He’s up against Wesley Senna Cortes and Luke Bateman with the end goal of finding his soulmate amongst the lineup of 24 lovely ladies.

In Ben’s personal trailer for the new Bachelors season, he openly admits that he hasn’t “felt true love for a long time”. But in the clip, it seems that 36-year-old Angela might have caught his attention. The pair are seen to be locked in a trance while dancing.

Will her smile set Ben’s heart on fire?

Here’s everything you need to know about Bachelor Ben Waddell.

Who Is Ben Waddell on The Bachelors?

For over a decade, Ben Waddell has made a name for himself as a model. Based on his various portfolios, he’s been the face of many brand campaigns from the likes of Country Road, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. Today, he’s switching gears, joining the cast of The Bachelors 2023/2024.

His line of work requires plenty of travel, and after living in New York City for 12 years, he’s come home to Melbourne to give love a go.

Ben Waddell’s Zac Efron Lawsuit

Beside his creative pursuits, Ben has taken on impact investing to assist start ups in their efforts to create sustainable futures. His advocacy for the environment spreads far and wide, even leading him into an intellectual property battle with Zac Efron a few years ago.

Ben Waddell undertook legal proceedings with the High School Musical star in 2021. The model claims that production company, Nacelle, stole the concept after him and his producer pitched it in 2017.


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Hopefully, he’s just as passionate about finding love as he is about saving the environment. Fans of the show can expect to see Ben open his heart up and speak his mind on the show. This is something that he admits isn’t his strongest quality.

Will Ben Waddell find his true love on The Bachelors? Tune in to watch it all go down when it premieres on December 3, 2023 at 7:30pm. Only 10 and 10Play on Demand.

If you want to catch up previous episodes of The Bachelor Australia, watch them on 10 Play.

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