‘The Bachelors Australia’: Courtney Has Found Herself, Now She’s Ready to Find “The One”

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Well, folks, The Bachelors‘ summer of love is finally here, and this season, things are going to be different.

Past seasons of The Bachelor Australia have featured helicopter dates over Sydney’s picturesque harbours, where our Bachelor would woo his date for the day. Then, they’d head back to the candle-lit mansion dripping in fairy lights for an elaborate Rose Ceremony, where each week, he’d whittle down the women vying for his affection one by one.

This season, all of that is changing.

First, and perhaps most importantly, there are three Bachelors — Jed McIntoshFelix Von Hofe, and Thomas Malucelli — looking for love this year, and if the promos are anything to go by, at least one of them will pop the question by the end of the series.

Secondly, the show has relocated to Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast. The girls are residing in a waterfront mansion, but there’s not a twinkle light or candle in sight, promising a sleeker, more modern version of The Bachelors than we’ve seen in past seasons.

Finally, the promos show a more dynamic, less linear path to love, for both our Bachelors and the girls in the mansion. As we’ve seen, there are girls who reject our Bachies, and some who may be keen to switch Bachelors along the way.

All in all, it’s set to be an exciting season, and with the first promos introducing the women vying for our Bachelors’ hearts dropping, it’s time to get to know them.

One of the women vying for Jed’s heart on The Bachelors Australia this year is 33-year-old Courtney, from Victoria.

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After getting out of a toxic relationship, Courtney said in a press statement that her proudest achievement to date has been finding herself again.

In fact, if she were to compare her love life up to now to a romantic comedy, it would be the 2019 flick Someone Great, starring Gina Rodriguez.

“Got out of an unhealthy long-term relationship and learnt to love me again,” she explained.

Courtney is all about seeing the good in people, and you can be sure if she’s around, excitement will follow.

Now, she’s ready to put herself out there, and what better way to do that than by joining The Bachelors Australia?

Courtney said that when it comes to what she has to offer in a relationship, she’s bringing “good times, laughs, adventure and spontaneity” to the table.

As for Jed, if he’s the right match for Courtney then he’ll want to try his hand at some of her hobbies.

An outdoorsy kind of gal, Courtney enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and tennis, and has even competed in Spartan competitions and triathlons in the past.

Will Courtney and Jed’s romance reach the finish line, though? Only time will tell. Until then…

The Bachelors Australia premieres on January 9, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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