At Long Last, the Trailer for ‘The Bachelors Australia’ Is Here

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Back in May, Network Ten announced their three (yes, three) new Bachelors for the revamped, soon-to-be-released season of The Bachelors Australia.

The trio of Bachies even appeared on The Project alongside host Osher Günsberg, who gushed about the upcoming season and what fans of the show could expect from the new season.

“It’s our tenth season of The Bachelor Australia so we are so excited, we are doing a world first,” Günsberg said, promising that the season would be “very different this year”.

And it was very different, partially because it didn’t actually end up airing in 2022, but also because production of the long-running series moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

“Not only did we have to go to head office to say ‘can we have three Bachelors?’, that was easy!” Günsberg said. “It was ‘but we wanna do it without candles, and we wanna do it without fairy lights’, THAT was a meeting we had to get through.”

So what happened? Well, reportedly, Ten wanted to focus its attention on The Real Love Boat and not overcrowd the year with dating shows, and with so many new series airing this year — Ten have also premiered Hunted Australia, The Traitors and The Challenge Australia in 2022 — The Bachelors got bumped to January 2023.

With just a few weeks left in 2022, though, Ten has now given us the footage we’ve all been waiting for: the first trailers.

Is There a Trailer for The Bachelors?

There is! In fact, there’s two! It seems after holding out on us for so many months, Network Ten has finally decided to make things twice as nice, by dropping two trailers and declaring January the ‘Summer of Love’.

The trailers show our Bachies, Felix, Jed and Thomas as they embark on the once-in-a-lifetime adventure to find their true love, but it seems that the journey will have some drama along the way.

Not only do we see multiple women reject roses from their suitors, we also see one woman suggest that maybe she’s “not with the right person”, implying that sparks are flying with one of the other Bachelors, perhaps.

Still, all three Bachelors have entered this journey with an engagement ring, hoping to propose at the end of the season. Will it be a Summer of Love, or is there a big storm coming? Only time will tell.

Who Are the Bachelors?

Earlier this year, Network Ten announced that there was a major shakeup in store for The Bachelor Australia in that there would be not one, not two, but THREE Bachelors looking for love this year.

The Bachelors in question are musician Jed McIntosh, basketballer Felix Von Hofe, and restaurant manager Thomas Malucelli. Will they find their forever loves, though? Only time will tell.

Where Was The Bachelors Filmed?

This year, The Bachelors ditched its usual Sydney filming location and headed up to the Gold Coast.

In a press statement earlier this year, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that “The Bachelor and the Gold Coast [was] a perfect match”.

“Production of this reality TV series will create around 80 local jobs and contribute an estimated $4.1 million into the Queensland economy, with flow-on benefits for our hospitality and tourism sectors,” she continued.

“And fans of The Bachelor will not be disappointed by next season’s single and group dates, which will showcase the most idyllic Queensland destinations — from white sand beaches, to lush national parks, local wineries, and intimate fine dining.

“We gladly accept the rose to host The Bachelor in Queensland.”

The show filmed at a Beverley Hills-esque mansion located in Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast, reportedly worth $14.5m, with Real Estate noting that it was “was one of the biggest sales on the Coast last year”.

The Bachelors Premiere Date

The Bachelors Australia will premiere on Monday, January 9, which is another big change for the Bachie franchise, which has historically aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights in years past.

So far, there’s no word on how many nights a week The Bachelors will be airing, but 10 have confirmed that Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains is also set to premiere in January, so there will have to be room in the schedule for that at some point, as well. Stay tuned, and we’ll update this post when we know more.

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