Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Bachelorette’ Australia 2020

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Australia has been on-air for five seasons, and while only one relationship from this branch of the franchise has managed to go the distance (hello, Georgia Love and Lee Elliot), series six is doubling the odds, with not one but two bachelorettes.

From Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, fan-favourite Elly Miles is back for one more shot at love and in an Australian first, she’s bringing her sister, Becky, along for the ride.

The success of the Bachelor Australia franchise (including The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise) all boils down to the fans, so you can bet that they’ll be tuning in to see one of the most popular contestants find love.

It seems that Elly and Becky have only just started filming — now that the networks are back in production — but with two sisters on board, we’re expecting one hell of a ride.

So, what do we already know about The Bachelorette 2020?

Who is the Bachelorette?

Australia’s newest Bachelorette’s for 2020 are Elly and Becky Miles.

Having built a legion of fans during her time on the 2019 season of The Bachelor, Australian sweetheart Elly is back for round two.

The 25-year-old nurse from the country is taking the reins and seizing her chance at finding Mr. Right.

She’s looking for someone who is adventurous, positive, kind-natured, and always up for a laugh.

Joining Elly is 30-year-old older sister Becky, who has just recently had her heart broken and is ready to get back on the horse.

She’s looking for someone who is respectful, kind and a devoted Bachelor, who is willing to put her first.

Both women were born and raised in Parkes and have always supported one another — and this adventure will be no different.

“I crave a life filled with happiness, adventure and good times. I’m looking for my best mate to share those memories with,” Elly said in a statement.

“I feel extremely blessed to be on this unique ride with Becky. Having her love, support and guidance throughout this journey is so important to me and I can’t wait to be there for her, on her journey to find love as well.”

“I’m on this journey to find someone who will go that extra mile, to have fun with, and be my best friend,” Becky added.

“I’m so blessed to share this journey with my sister, and I am hopeful that we find our people together.”

Of course, being two bachelorettes, we can expect double the dates, double the roses and, of course, double the romance and even though they’re from the same family tree, their taste in men could not be more different.

When will The Bachelorette 2020 air?

No date has been set yet, but you can expect The Bachelorette in the first couple of weeks in October.

Who is vying for Elly and Becky’s Hearts?

According to MyCastingNetThe Bachelorette is casting for single men AND women, ages between 23-35 — meaning, we have our very first season with a bi-sexual Bachelorette!

You must be willing and available to be filmed for the duration of the series. Filming will roughly commence mid-June to mid-August of 2020 and may take up to 12 weeks.

As for when the cast will begin to be released, we will probably start to see them towards the end of Locky Gilbert’s season of The Bachelor.

Where is The Bachelorette filmed?

If the series is being filmed in Sydney like previous seasons, it is most likely that it will be filmed at a mansion in Oxford Falls on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

According to Ten Daily when talking about the location last year, the “tranquil spot provides the perfect blend of nature bursting with wildlife, and is just a short way from magnificent ocean views”.

Is Osher Günsberg hosting?

Yes. Dah. The Bachelorette wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without him.

The Bachelor Australia. Coming Soon To 10 And WIN Network.

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