One of These 23 Contestants Will Win Jimmy’s Heart on ‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2021

bachelor australia 2021

Roll up, roll up! It is that time once more when we grab the popcorn and a glass of wine and watch in (occasionally awkward glee) as on strapping young single man searches for love, or at least a few extra Instagram followers, in a sea of 23 beautiful women.

The Bachelor franchise has had varying levels of success in finding people their perfect match and we are happy to hear that for our 2021 bachelor, airline pilot Jimmy Nicholson, the experiment worked.

“I think The Bachelor franchise is something that really works, he told The Latch. “There’s been some really successful partners, or people that have come out of it, who are married with kids. And so I knew that it was a genuine programme and that they’re genuine about people finding love — they want that to happen.

“I wouldn’t have gone on maybe one of the other shows, because it’s not my thing. But yeah, I knew that there was a strong possibility that I could meet some great girls on The Bachelor.” 

And meet a great girl he did, with the 31-year-old Sydneysider gushing that he thinks he may have found “the one.”

“I’m happy to say that I did pick someone!” he revealed. “And that I am really, really happy. We’re really happy. She’s an amazing girl. We chat all the time, whenever we can, we see each other. We get along like house on fire. She’s just incredible and I think she might be the one.”

So, which of the following 23 ladies did Nicholson fall head over heels for? We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime, please allow us to introduce you to the cast of The Bachelor 2021.

Lily, 23, Crane Operator, Victoria

Sierah, 28, Technical Analyst, Victoria

Madison, 24, Marketing Coordinator, Victoria

Rebekah, 27, Youth Support Worker, NSW

Laura, 28, Speech Pathologist, SA

The Bachelor Oz 2021

Lauren, 29, Office Administrator, SA

Elena, 33, Personal Trainer, NSW

The Bachelor 2021

Hannah, 26, Registered Nurse, NSW

Jay, 31, Nutritionist, NSW

Jacinta, 29, Executive Recruiter, Victoria

The Bachelor 2021

Stephanie, 27, Business Development Manager, WA

Holly, 27, Marketing Manager, NSW

Brooke, 27, Occupational Therapist, Victoria

The Bachelor 2021

Belinda, 29, Criminal Lawyer, QLD

Ash, 34, Dance Teacher, QLD

Chanel, 34, Flight Manager, NSW

Ashleigh, 28, Speech Pathologist, Victoria

Carlie, 33, Corporate Lawyer, Victoria

bach 2021

Tamlyn, 25, Customer Service Officer, NSW

bach 2021

Stevie, 29, Hair Stylist, QLD