Here Are All of the Handles for ‘The Bachelor Australia 2021’ (You’re Welcome)

bachelor australia 2021

People make many jokes about contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises only going on the show in order to become Instagram influencers and look, sometimes that may be the case. Who are we to judge?

Regardless of whether the contestants are “there for the right reasons” or not, at the end of the day, they do gain a bucketload more Insta followers because people love to know what the stars of reality shows are like when the (TV) cameras aren’t rolling.

What do they like to do? Where do they vacation? Are their IG captions witty? Do they like dogs? (That last one is the most important question of all.)

We know you feel us on this and are no doubt super excited to follow the ladies from The Bachelor 2021 on Instagram if only to see if you can find any clues as to who Jimmy Nicholson chooses at the end.

With that in mind, please allow us to present to you: the IG handles of every contestant on The Bachelor Australia 2021. Thank us later.

Annabelle O’Regan, 28, NSW

Follow her @beloregan

The Bachelor Australia 2021

Ash-Lee, 34, QLD

Follow her @ash_lee13

Bachelor 2021

Ashleigh Freckleton, 28, VIC

Follow her @afreckle_

bach 2021

Belinda Robinson, 29, QLD

Follow her @belindacrobinson

Bach 2021

Brooke Cleal, 27, VIC

Follow her @brookecleal

The Bachelor 2021

Carlie Hodges, 33, VIC

Follow her @carliehodges

bach 2021

Chanel Tang, 34, NSW

Follow her @thedancingnomad

Bachelor 2021

Elena Louise, 33, NSW

Follow her @activeinstinct.lena

The Bachelor 2021

Hannah Norman, 26, NSW

Follow her @hannahnorman

The Bachelor 2021

Holly Kingston, 27, NSW

Follow her @hollykingston

The Bachelor 2021

Jacinta Boys, 29, VIC

Follow her @jacinta_boyss

The Bachelor 2021

Jay Rose Lal, 31, NSW

Follow her on @jacintalal_nutritionist

The Bachelor 2021

Laura O’Loughlin, 28, SA

Follow her @_lauraoloughlin

The Bachelor Oz 2021

Lauren J, 29, SA

Follow her @loveandlauren

The Bachelor 2021

Lily Price, 23, VIC

Follow her @lilykprice

Bachelor Oz 2021

Madison Allen, 24, VIC

Follow her @_maddyallen

bachelor 2021

Rebekah, 27, NSW

Follow her @bekmodernel

Bachelor Oz 2021


Sierah Swepstone, 28, VIC

Follow her @sweppo


Stephanie Lynch, 27, WA

Follow her @ssgl

The Bachelor 2021

Stevie, 29, QLD

Follow her @steviejeangrey

bach 2021

Tahnee Leeson, 27, NSW

Follow her @tahneerae

bach 2021

Tamlyn, 25, NSW

Follow her @tamlynleigh

bach 2021

Tatum Hargraves, 26, QLD

Follow her @tatumhargraves

bach 2021

The Bachelor Australia will premiere Wednesday, 21 July at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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