‘The Amazing Race Australia’: Meet Cousins and Lawyers, Kathy and Chace

When cousins and lawyers Kathy and Chace run to the finish line of The Amazing Race Australia, among their cheerleaders, will be their 250 relatives, 40 of whom are their first cousins.

Just the sheer volume of that applause should carry these NSW natives through to their goal of breaking boundaries.

As children of Vietnamese immigrants who escaped the war, Chace and Kathy represent multiple minorities: the Asian community, particularly the Vietnamese, LGBTQIA+, and refugees.

And now that the race is going global, these cousins — who both hold double degrees — are in an even better spot to spread their message of community to more people.

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Chace, in particular, is ready. He speaks five languages: English, Vietnamese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Combine his linguistic talent with his natural friendliness, and you’ve got a strong contender right there.

In fact, when he’s not dancing salsa or bachata or playing hockey with the Bentstix Hockey Club, Chace enjoys going to language nights in Sydney. On these occasions, people from all over the world get together and speak to each other in foreign languages, sharpening their skills.

This flair came in handy when Kathy and Chace once travelled through Vietnam and all over Europe. It will certainly be useful again once they go on the intercontinental Race of their lives.

Although these young Asian-Australians grew up together (in the same house, at one point), they both confess that clashing is not unusual for them.

Competitive and strong-willed, Chace and Kathy have their work cut out for them: accomplish the Race tasks without arguing too much (or, at least, agree to disagree on the more important points).

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After all, they’re on a mission to push boundaries. If in the process of carrying out their objective, they manage to win $250,000 by reaching the Race finish line first, then that would be a double triumph!

“We want to empower those who relate to us to put themselves out there and seize life’s opportunities,” says Kathy.

Speaking of Carpé Diem, raising the banner of minority groups is not all the cousins will get to do as they navigate their global tasks.

A travel buff, Kathy is also looking forward to seeing more of the world through the Race. She enjoys posting about her adventures — both local and international — on social media, where she’s amassed a considerable following.

Though she will be too busy winning with Chace to post IG-worthy pics this time, the places they’ll visit will likely fire up fresh itineraries for future trips.

Watch Kathy and Chace bring pride to their communities in The Amazing Race Australia on Channel 10 and 10play.

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