‘The Amazing Race Australia’: Meet Best Friends of 15 Years, Jodie and Claire

Jodie and Claire’s rowing skills, strength and endurance are sure to come in handy as they go for the top prize in The Amazing Race Australia.

Both are dragon boat paddlers, and both are strong mums, which means they are powerful contenders for the coveted title.

Jodie and Claire have been the best of friends for 15 long years, a friendship that has been made more formidable by good dynamics and chemistry as teammates in the same dragon boat team.

Yes, they are good together and can work together to win races — largely an important ingredient in winning anything, especially The Amazing Race, the popular reality show on Channel 10.

As part of a team, Jodie and Claire are not new to joining — and winning — international contests. They won gold medals in international dragon boat competitions in New Zealand, the 2019 Australian Masters, and the 2021 Coast-to-Coast competition in Queensland.

And once again, the energetic pair from New South Wales is determined to finish on top, this time as winners of The Amazing Race.

Jodie says she is bent on winning the $250,000 prize so she could spend more time with Claire, who would then be able to greatly reduce her very long work hours. Isn’t that such a charming friendship goal?

It says a lot about the kind of friends they are to each other. Jodie, for example, says that she loves travelling with her best bud Claire because she is the perfect travel companion. When asked about the worst part of travelling with Claire, she’s quick to declare: There’s none.

For her part, Claire is just ready to go. All those hours she spent dragon boating, kayaking, gardening, camping, motorbiking, and travelling prepared her body, mind and spirit for the ultimate test of strength and endurance.

She can’t wait to discover all the twists, turns, and the unknowns that The Amazing Race is famous for. “I love surprises and experiencing things I never would have had the chance to do!” Claire says.

Join Jodie and Claire on the race of their lives and witness Jodie take on the water challenges while Claire tackles the mental tasks.

These two will definitely power up every episode with pure adrenaline, so don’t miss it!

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