Thankyou Has Invited P&G and Unilever to Distribute Its Products Globally to Help End Poverty

Thankyou is a social enterprise fighting to end global poverty in this lifetime. And, the existence of the Thankyou Group is solely to solve a social problem. With the sale of its personal care, baby and food products, Thankyou Group commits 100% (excluding bank and filing fees) to The Thankyou Charitable Trust — a charity working to help the world’s poor.

The iconic products created by Thankyou are currently only sold in Australia and New Zealand and they are mighty popular. Chances are you have a bottle of Thankyou Hand Wash sitting in your bathroom right now.

So, in order to expand the number of countries the brand is stocked in (and further their work to help close the poverty gap), the team at Thankyou has launched an initiative called “No Small Plan”. This campaign hopes to help end extreme poverty by seeking partnership from some of Thankyou’s biggest competitors — P&G and Unilever.


The idea is that P&G and Unilever could help Thankyou’s plight by distributing Thankyou products in over 170 countries in order to flip consumerism and help make a change in the world.

“With $63 trillion spent on consumer goods each year while 736 million people are stuck in extreme poverty, we believe that business as usual is broken,” said Daniel Flynn, who founded Thankyou in 2008 along with Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns, in a press release.

“But we also believe that we, together with people and a partnership with one of the two biggest companies in the world, can change this by funneling the dollars spent on consumer goods into helping end extreme poverty.”


Thankyou has set virtual meetings with both the team at P&G and Unilever to discuss the partnership. On November 5, Thankyou will announce globally which partner has opted in on one of the largest digital billboards in the world, in New York City’s Times Square.

And, there is something you can do to help this along. Joining together with collective voices around the world will help encourage P&G and Unilever to work with Thankyou.

So, to show your support, post a photo or share the campaign social title with the caption “I’m in, are you?” and tag @proctergamble and @unilever and hashtag #thankyoutotheworld. You can also share Thankyou’s campaign video to spread the message even further.

Sharing a simple message on social media might help Thankyou end global poverty in our lifetime.

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