‘Beauty And The Geek’: Meet Professional Dancer and Beauty, Tegan

Her life’s motto is “everything happens for a reason”, which is why you’ll rarely see Tegan moping about something that’s out of her control.

The professional dancer and now Beauty And The Geek contestant started dancing at the age of three and managed to turn it into an impressive career.

She’s been the lead tap dancer at Disneyland Paris and a cheerleader for the Melbourne Storm NRL team.

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However, due to COVID, work hasn’t been as busy, and as she enters the competition and surrounds herself with Beauties and Geeks, she’s hoping it will help get her out of her rut.

Speaking to Nine, the 26-year-old said, “I’m hoping my Geek will help me to learn to believe in myself, and I want to teach him . . . how to come out of his shell, and definitely about the flirting game!”

Looking for someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Tegan is ready to find life-long love and hopes the Geek she’s paired with is a man who treats her with respect, kindness and empathy.

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We can’t wait to see her journey unfold on-screen, and we have big hopes for the Beauty (and her Geek!).

Beauty And The Geek premieres on July 17 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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