Where to Find Sydney’s Best Specialty Food Shops, From Italian to Korean

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets

In any city, whether it’s Sydney or Budapest, independent grocers are where you go to find the best ingredients. It’s a fact.

Sure, the big retailers have all the basics you need for weeknight dinners, but if you’re looking to spice up those meals, or looking for good quality small goods, then you’ll find it at the local deli down the street, owned and operated by the lovely Italian couple you see always working the counter. Or at that Indian grocer with shelves packed to the roof with spices, curries, sauces and more.

It’s the independent and cultural grocers that drive the communities in Sydney. You can head to Cabramatta for a taste of Asia or Surry Hills for an introduction to Portuguese culture, and the lower north shore for Western Europe and North American communities.

Shopping local can help these businesses thrive in the community. To help you navigate them, we’ve compiled a list of the best independent and cultural grocers in Sydney.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets



Situated on Ramsay Street, Paesanella specialises in high-quality Italian smallgoods and cheeses. They also import a range of products, so if you need anything from Italy, chances are you will find it here.

Raineri’s Continental Delicatessen

Five Dock
This bustling Italian Deli is a small shop down the main street that’s been there for over 30 years. Here, you’ll find cold-cut meats, a selection of cheese, and an expert to help you choose, as well as shelves stocked with the essentials.

Lamonica’s IGA

This suburban supermarket is not your average IGA. Take a number, wait for it to be called, and choose from the extensive options of deli meats, cheese, and other Italian goods. You will also find canned goods and most ingredients on the shelves.

Zanetti Five Star Delicatessen

Zanetti’s is a one-stop shop for all things Italian cuisine. The deli is a must for fresh meats and cheese, but you can also peruse the aisles for biscotti and pasta.

Gourmet Life

You can’t have a list of the best cultural grocers without including Gourmet Life. Expect the high-end ingredients such as caviar and truffles, but also expect to find a century-old balsamic, jams, more salt and pepper combinations than you thought existed. It’s a hub for European ingredients and a must if you’re looking for a special ingredient or want to try something new. You can walk the aisles for days and still not see everything they have to offer.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets


Le Marché Willoughby

Although Le Marche is more of a market than a grocery store, you will still find the best of France here. They get all their goods from local French specialists, including cheese, pastries, jams, condiments, and more. Walk around on a Sunday, enjoy a nibble here and there, and be sure to take some gourmet foods home.

Maloneys Grocer

Multiple locations
Maloneys has multiple locations across Sydney, from Woollahra to Coogee. Here, you will find an endless list of dry ingredients, spices, condiments, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables, and desserts. They dabble in a few cuisines, including Italian, but you can find an extensive selection of French goods here too.

Penny’s Cheese Shop

Potts Point
Need a cheese but don’t know much about it? Head to Penny’s Cheese Shop in Potts Point, and Penny herself will point you to the right cheese. She’s a cheese expert, and you will find a whole selection of imported cheese, especially the good stuff from France, and a selection of accompaniments, including crackers and quince paste. While you wait, be sure to try the cheese toasties if there are any left for the day.

Le Petite Marché

This shop is the Northern Beaches’ answer to all things French. They stock high-quality products, including cheese, wine, organic jam, truffles, nougat, olive, oil, and more. You can even shop for hampers for your French-loving friends.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets

Lebanese/Middle Eastern


Harkola is well renowned for supplying the best Australian chefs and suppliers with the world’s finest Middle Eastern food. Whether you need dried fruit, nuts, spices, cheese, frozen foods, canned foods, and more, you will find it here and online. They deliver Australia-wide when you spend $80 or more.

Super Sahel Persian Market and Deli

North Willoughby
This Persian market and deli is a small shop selling imported spices, herbs, and dried fruits. Wander around the narrow aisles to find rice and beans, sweets, frozen food, and more.

Sonia’s International Foods

North Willoughby
Sonia’s offers a great selection of pastries, which are a crowd-favourite every time. You will also find everything from falafels and Turkish delight to dips and salads. The counter has fresh food, which is great if you want something quick for takeaway.

Bahar Persian Food and Art

Bahar has been serving the community for 20 years, stocking its shelves with the best products used in Persian and most Middle Eastern cuisines. You will find fresh foods on the counter, including baklava, and everything else on the shelves.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets


Little India Supermarket

Multiple locations
Little India is your one-stop shop for daily needs and groceries at affordable prices. They stock a wide range of Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, and Sri Lankan products.


Multiple locations
There are Radhe stores in Harris Park, Pendle Hill, and Blacktown, or you can shop their range online. It’s one of the fastest-growing Indian grocery chains in NSW, stocking everything you could need for a taste of India.


Multiple locations
You can find a Udaya in Blacktown, Liverpool, and Wentworthville. They also deliver when you shop online. Here, you will find the largest selection of Indian spices and groceries in NSW.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets


Tong Li

Multiple Locations
Tong Li is one of the most popular Chinese grocers in Sydney, for its modern large-scale offering. You can find them in Chatswood, Chinatown, Ashfield, Rhodes, Burwood, Campsie, and several other suburbs in Sydney. Expect a large range of international ingredients, a selection of vegetables, and more.

New Yen Yen

Multiple locations
New Yen Yen is another great Chinese grocer in Chatswood, Eastwood, Haymarket, Hurstville, and Ryde. They offer everything from Japanese to Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, and more. Wander through the aisles to find popular Asian sweets, spices, herbs, condiments, and drinks. They stock all the packaged foods and ingredients that you wouldn’t find in general supermarkets.

Yet Son Groceries

Yet Son has a strong reputation as the best in Chinatown, and it’s easy to see why. The institution grocer has been serving the community for over 30 years, selling an extensive range of Asian ingredients and groceries at great prices.

GOG Supermarket

Crows Nest
This modern Asian grocer imports quality products from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Expect to find every kind of noodle known to man, sauces as far as the eye can see, some fresh fruits and vegetables at the front of the store, frozen dumplings, pork buns, and more in the back.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets


Ko Mart

North Strathfield
Ko Mart is a family-owned grocer specialising in Korean cuisine, including instant noodles, Korean snacks, traditional Korean foods, sauces, and drinks. You can get kimchi by the jar, rice cakes, and frozen instant food.


Surry Hills
Although SOUL Deli also has a cafe attached to it, you can pick up jars of kimchi, homemade sauces, ceramics, and even some breakfast if you want.

sydney specialty independent grocery supermarkets


Essential Ingredient

Crows Nest
The Essential Ingredient, known for promoting the finest food, cooking, and hospitality concepts for over 30 years, has returned to its flagship in Crows Nest. Like other Essential Ingredient locations, the store offers premium ingredients sourced from Australia and around the globe, including La Dalia paprika from Spain, I Due Pastori pasta from Italy, and Blood Orange Agrumato olive oil.

Tamaleria and Mexican Deli

Apart from getting Sydney’s best tacos and tamales here, you can shop their branded small goods, including homemade salsas, sauces, specialty Mexican ingredients, and DIY kits for home cooking.

Russkis Deli

This Russian deli stocks fresh and frozen goods from Eastern Europe, including pierogis, Hungarian speck, Polish sausages, and even Siberian caviar, if that’s what you need. There’s plenty to shop for here, including jars of gherkins and other pickled or preserved vegetables.

Charlie’s Deli

For a taste of Portugal, head to Charlie’s for cheese, killer croquettes, deli goods, imported sardines, and much more. They have a great selection of hot sauces and Piri Piri oils.

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