Arrest Warrant Issued for ‘The Block’s’ Suzi Taylor After Repeated Bail Breaches

Suzi Taylor

The Block star Suzi Taylor, who appeared on the popular reality series in 2015, has had a warrant issued for her arrest as a result of allegedly breaching her bail conditions multiple times.

While more than 80 of the 107 offences are for breaching bail, Taylor, whose real name is Suellen Jan Taylor, is also facing more serious charges such as allegedly extorting a Tinder date, 33-year-old David Butler, and holding him against his will. 

Taylor was ordered to stay with family members in Queensland as a condition of her bail but was reportedly ejected from the residence, the Brisbane Supreme Court was told on Friday. Some of her bail conditions included wearing a GPS tracker, abstaining from alcohol and seeking mental health treatment.

Subsequent accommodation at a Brisbane rehabilitation centre also did not work out, with Taylor being evicted from there too. 

Crown prosecutor Annica Fritz said Taylor was evicted from the rehab centre on January 12 after being found intoxicated.

“Since that date her GPS tracker has gone flat and no-one knows where she is,” Ms Fritz said. “She has demonstrated an unruly attitude to bail and has been afforded numerous opportunities.”

The troubled reality star cannot currently be located. 

The arrest warrant is the latest incident in a string of misfortune for Taylor, who has suffered a very public demise. The reality star was caught up in a photo scandal not long after her rise to prominence on The Block, when photos of her emerged on a boat off Melbourne’s Docklands wearing only a pair of scant bikini bottoms. Four days later she was found collapsed and unconscious at the filming site of the reality show after suffering from what was reported as exhaustion.  

The mother-of-three also made headlines for revealing intimate details of her relationship with TV presenter Richard Wilkins in 2016, and again 2019, when she pleaded guilty to fraud and theft charges, after she was caught using a stolen credit card to buy alcohol.

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