This Online Travel Hub Can Help You Plan a Visit to QLD That’s Completely Carbon-Free

sustainable travel hub tropical north queensland

Travel is always going to be something we strive for, but with that comes consequences. Every time we fly, drive, or move from one place to another, we leave behind a carbon footprint. It’s not all grim though, because it’s about balance. Tourism is needed to revive regional towns and keeps big cities thriving. Although, there are steps we can take to lighten our footprint on the planet and destination. You can find out more about that here. When visiting Queensland, refer to the new Sustainable Travel Hub to help you plan your next carbon-free visit.

The Sustainable Travel Hub which was launched by Tropical North Queensland is as it states, a dedicated hub for travelling more sustainably in the state. Travellers will find everything they need to travel with a greater purpose in the only destination where two World Heritage areas meet. Find interactive conservation projects— or citizen science as it’s more commonly known— immersive cultural experiences, and eco-certified operators—all in one place.

“Sustainability has been a way of life for Tropical North Queensland’s tourism operators who deliver the most eco-certified experiences in Australia and have achieved a number of milestones including the Douglas Shire becoming the world’s first Eco-Certified Destination,” said Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) CEO Mark Olsen in a statement.

The hub is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are six sections: Where to Go, Things to Do, What’s On, Plan Your trip, Seasons, and Deals. Let’s dive into them.


The deals section provides discounts and deals on accommodation, attractions, dining out, adventure tours, travel and transfers and holiday packages. Every business and tourism operator listed is dedicated to being eco-friendly. There are Daintree tours and Tully River rafting. You can get 20% off at your hotel breakfast buffet or stay for five nights and only pay for four deals. When it comes to tours, they can get pretty pricey, but even getting 20% off on a dive and snorkel experience will go a long way in sticking to your holiday budget.

sustainable travel hub tropical north queensland

Where to Go

If you’re in the ‘looking for inspiration’ part of planning your trip, click on Where to Go. This section is packed with information on Tropical North Queensland’s diverse region and ever-changing landscapes. Sink into luxury at Palm Cove, a beach village known for its spas and resorts, or chase waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands, a lush rainforest easily accessible from Cairns. There’s even a section on Islands you might not have heard about before, including Low Isles, Dunk Island, and Mackay Cay—an untouched island known for its marine life and impossibly clear waters. Once you’ve chosen an area of interest, scour the itinerary options below, which detail everything you need to know about Lizard Island or Vlasoff Cay, the most incredible picnic spot on the planet.

Things to Do

The best part of travelling is discovering somewhere you’ve never been before or rediscovering a place you haven’t seen in a while. To uncover the local gems, the best fishing spots, and the best hikes, you need an expert. If you hover your mouse over the Things to Do section, you will find just that—a comprehensive guide on the best things to do in Tropical North Queensland. This includes everything from markets, golf courses, nightlife suggestions, the best museums, waterfalls to chase, and of course, where to eat and drink. Although, beyond the usual activities, this section includes some unique experiences you might want to embark on, from Indigenous tours to reef education, where you can join a citizen science tour and plant coral in the Great Barrier Reef or plant trees in the Daintree Rainforest. Use this section to get insider knowledge on what to do while you’re in the area. It could be a train adventure, a wellness spa, or a geological wonder. The possibilities are endless.

sustainable travel hub tropical north queensland

What’s On

Whether you’re into sporting events, music events, or arts and culture, Tropical North Queensland is always hosting events. Peruse this section to check out what’s on during the month of your visit.

Plan Your Trip

This is where you start to put everything together. Planning your trip is made easy thanks to this comprehensive guide to Tropical North Queensland. Use this section to check the weather and seasons, the best time to visit, how to get around, where to stay, the best road trips to embark on, and family-friendly activities. There’s even a wildlife safety section to help you be croc-wise, jellyfish-safe, and shark smart.


This tab will tell you more about the seasons, including average temperature and rainfall, so you know what to expect during your travels. It’s also helpful when you’re planning which season to go in. During summer, there are calmer seas and nature comes alive, but during autumn is when the rainfalls are gushing, and rivers are rapid, ideal for rafting down.

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