FYI, Survivor Winner Liz Knows Exactly How Much Her Victory Means to You

All hail queen Liz! After last night’s epic Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains finale, we’re feeling puffed up and proud of winner, Liz Parnov.

The 28-year-old Olympic Pole Vaulter walked away with the title of sole survivor after playing a wily and skillful game that saw her beat out a male-dominated final alliance. In fact, it was a season that seemed to be full of contestants hell-bent on picking off the female players from the jump, but in the end, it was Liz who took home a victory that meant a lot more than just money.

Speaking to The Latch following her win, Liz opened up about how it felt being the final female Survivor contestant and walking away on top.

“I feel like, from the get-go of this season, the females were getting clipped off here, there, and everywhere,” she said. “And right up until the end, we were just withering away. But thankfully for myself, I was able to carry the girls through to the finish line.”

Over the past 24 hours fans have jumped online to express just how important this win is. Seeing a strong and determined woman fight to the end of a grueling challenge has had quite an impact on viewers. And that is not lost on Liz.

“It means a lot for me, as a woman, to get to show everyone else that you can do it. Gender isn’t a thing,” she said. “Females can win Survivor, it’s not just about being muscly and buff. It’s about being smart and strategic.”

Going into last night’s episode, Liz was in a precarious position as the male alliance of George Mladenov, Matt Sharp, and Gerry Geltch looked set to take their trio to the final tribal council. But queen Liz had other plans! In an epic immunity challenge she beat out Matt in trying conditions to walk away with the necklace that secured her spot in the final three. She picked apart their alliance by ousting George and winning a unanimous vote from the jury. The cream really does rise to the top.

“I’m just so honoured,” she said. “I’m so proud.”

She may have entered the season as a villain but she is walking away a bloody hero in our eyes.

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