Would You Pass the ‘Survivor Australia’ Fitness Test?


Survivor Australia applications are now open but before you apply, there’s one stipulation. Are you fit enough?

This year, the team at Survivor are looking for men and women of all backgrounds and locations around Australia, who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents and are over the age of 18 years old as of April 1.

While being mentally fit and able to play a strategic game is a given, there’s also the physical test that budding contestants must be able to pass.

According to Lifestyle outlet Men’s Health, the fitness test is used to “gauge overall health and fitness” and was created a few years ago by Sydney exercise scientist and personal trainer Damien Kelly and former army medical officer turned GP and media presenter, Dr Sam Hay.

“It was a basic test designed to check for things like specific weaknesses and mobility,” Kelly told the outlet during an interview.

“All that was needed was to ascertain that the physical condition of a Survivor applicant was at the required level for their participation in the show — they weren’t there to break speed or endurance or bench press records.”

The outlet also spoke to Peter Newman, head of Non-Scripted Content at Endemol Shine Australia, who said that the test “is to make sure they are all physically healthy and fit enough to take part in the challenges and the overall physicality of being on the island for 55 days.”

So, what does it involve and would you pass?

The Survivor Fitness Test

1. Walk/Run Endurance — This is to assess the health of ankles, knees, hips and lower back, and meet expected physical endurance and involves walking or running 1600m in under 20 minutes.

2. Push Up Test — This assesses the health of your shoulders, elbows and core. Participants must complete 10 knee push-ups, with the correct form in just one minute.

3. Squat Test — This test assesses the health of the knee, hip, ankle, core and general mobility. Participants must be able to squat to a depth where the hip crease is lower than knee height.

4. Weighted Lift Test — This test assesses your lower back, shoulders, general strength and mobility. To pass, survivors must be able to lift a 10kg weight of any type from the ground to the shoulder.

5. Weighted Carry (Farmers Walk) — The weighted carry is used to check general strength and mobility of the entire body. In order to pass, you must be able to carry a 10kg weight in your arms for 20m in one go.

6. General Mobility — This overall mobility test checks healthy basic bodyweight movement. In order to have this checked off your list, you will need to lay down on the ground on your stomach and then get up without assistance.

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